The Fastest Growing Job Sector is in Cannabis

The Fastest Growing Job Sector is in Cannabis

Winning by a landslide, the fastest growing job sector is in cannabis. According to a study by ZipRecruiter, jobs within the marijuana industry increased by 445 percent in 2017. Following the budding business is tech job openings up by 254 percent. In third place is health industry jobs up by 70 percent. So why the sudden spike in stoner enthusiasts and marijuana investors? And more importantly, how can you get a job in the cannabis industry today?

Growing Cannabis Legalization

Pot is being legalized both recreationally and medicinally across the globe, so naturally more careers within the industry are being created. California legalized pot earlier this year and currently has the highest number of jobs available in the sector. According to Marijuana Business Daily 2017, the U.S. cannabis industry employs an estimated 230,000 full- and part-time workers. This is higher than the number of dental hygienists in the country. BDS Analytics estimates that spending on legal cannabis will skyrocket to $21 billion by 2021. The state of California is estimated to bring in $5.1 billion alone this year. 

Getting an Education in Marijuana

In an interview with Forbes magazine Ian Siegal, the ZipRecruiter CEO, discussed cannabis education. He said that unfortunately, the education system can’t always predict work trends. Also, those trends can change drastically within the four years someone is getting a degree. Most of those employed in the cannabis industry now haven’t had any formal pot-related educations. However,  more schools are starting to offer courses and even degrees in the marijuana field. 

Finding a Job in Marijuana

The fastest growing job sector is in cannabis, so there are lots of new career opportunities. You can work in the marijuana industry and not be in a legal state. You also may never have to touch any weed… that is unless you want to. Work in a lab as a technician. researcher or chemist with an undergraduate degree or higher up positions with your Ph.D. Use your online skills to run a social media account or become a graphic designer. Use your creativity towards cannabis photography and videography, or steal my job as a cannabis writer! Simply search cannabis into any job search engine and go from there. Also, check this list from Herb.


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