How to Get Rid of the Smell of Cannabis

Knowing how to get rid of the smell of cannabis is useful for all pot enthusiasts. It comes in handy when using cannabis indoors or if you’re just trying to be discreet. For those of who using cannabis where it is not yet legal this information is not just useful- it’s crucial. Read on to avoid awkward encounters and steer clear of trouble.

Eliminating the smell of weed

It’s always a good idea to smoke out of a clean pipe or bong, but this is especially true if you’re trying to be mindful of odor. If you’ll be smoking a joint indoors, we recommend making a sploof out of a toilet paper roll and dryer sheet to help eliminate the smell of smoke. If this isn’t enough, there are a ton of products available on the market and other tips and tricks to help keep your session as smell-free as possible.


Ozium is a super budget-friendly air freshener/sanitizer that is considered to be a holy grail product amongst stoners.  We recommend your spray your space with this stuff before you light up. It grabs on to smoke and takes it far, far away, but isn’t strong enough to be used on its own to eliminate the smell entirely. It is, however, a fantastic base.

Incense and Essential Oils

Any type of incense will do, but we recommend the ones that have been traditionally used in ashrams along the East. The top recommended among weed forums are from Nag Champa. We recommend that you opt for more natural products like incense and natural candles over artificial room deodorizers that tend to just mix in with the weed smell as opposed to counteract it. Alternatively, you could buy a diffuser and stock up on strong smelling essential oils like eucalyptus and lemon.

Other Useful Tips

There is no shortage of tips on how to get rid of the smell of cannabis around the web. Here are some other ones that we found useful:

-if you choose to smoke, smoke in the shower with the hot water running and the fans on

-clean your tools frequently and clean up after yourself


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You can always use a dry herb
vaporizer as well (desktop or portable) , it doesn’t smell as much as when you smoke it.

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