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Greatest Stoners Throughout History

Believe it or not, some of the most prominent figures in history were stoners. People have been smoking marijuana and using hemp for things like fabric and fuel for thousands of years. While no one can be sure who discovered the magical plant, Christopher Columbus brought over the bud into the New World in 1492. Since then, the world has seen marijuana crops, the war against drugs and now, a slow legalization of the drug across the States and Canada to name a few countries. Here are some of the most prominent cannabis users throughout history.

Pablo Picasso

It seems Pablo Picasso experimented with more than groundbreaking art techniques like Cubism. In fact, many believe that Cubism came to Picasso as a result of his having experimented with opium, morphine, and hashish. Marijuana was also on his list of mind-altering drugs.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was the longest ruling monarch, ruling the British Empire from 1837-1901. Her team of physicians frequently prescribed the Queen marijuana for her menstrual pains. Also, she is considered to be the first internationally known medical marijuana patient.

William Shakespeare

Scientists found cannabis residue on pipes belonging to Shakespeare. The study examined 24 pipe fragments found in his garden in Stratford-Upon-Avon where the famous poet and playwright lived. Many readers have also said that the writer eludes to drug use in many of his writing.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is probably the most famous CEO in history. The creator of Apple admitted to having used LSD and other psychedelic drugs and credited these experiences as some of the most important of his life. He was also a frequent marijuana user and was known to have eaten more than a few brownies in his time.

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