What Happens When You Mix Weed And Alcohol

Behind Cigarettes, Alcohol and Marijuana are the most commonly used drugs in North America. Because of this, it only makes sense for the two to be used in combination by a large number of our population. Some people enjoy the ‘crossfading’ effect mixing alcohol and cannabis gives them as it can create an enhanced experience. To others, the effects can be adverse making them feel dizzy or nauseous. So what really happens to the body and mind when you mix the two?

The Mind

Alcohol is a depressant, but in low doses it causes emotional release and lowers inhibitions. When alcohol is combined with marijuana use the effects of both are increased which can cause a heightened feeling of intoxication. Many people love this feeling and have the combo as a part of their nightly routine!

The Body

The reality is that everyone experiences both alcohol and marijuana differently so it’s best to err on the side of caution when mixing the two for the first time. Because both alcohol and marijuana have relaxing effects, some people find they become lethargic or too quiet and it makes the experience unenjoyable. On a scientific level, smoking cannabis, activates your body’s cannabinoid 2 receptors, which can affect how quickly your body absorbs alcohol. This can lead to heightened effects of how intoxicated you feel when you mix the two. If you drink before you smoke, it causes the levels of THC in your plasma to skyrocket, intensifying your high as well. Using common sense will go a long way and it’s important to note that there aren’t many side effects that come from mixing the two drugs that won’t also pop up from abusing the two independently.

Don’t Overdo It

Marijuana has an antiemetic effect, meaning that it makes it more difficult for the body to vomit. Normally this side effect is non-consequential, and it can even be beneficial in cancer patients who use medical marijuana because they have trouble keeping food down. But can lead to someone not understanding their alcohol limit and can lead to alcohol poisoning.

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