How Do Marijuana Detox Drinks Work

How Do Marijuana Detox Drinks Work?

When you use marijuana, you’ll usually feel high for around 2-3 hours, although products such as Edibles can make you high for much longer. However, while the effects of marijuana usually wear off fairly quickly, THC can stay in your system for a while. This won’t make a difference to most users, but those looking to detox their system often turn to marijuana detox drinks.

Marijuana Detox drinks are beverages that are specifically designed to help you purge your system of marijuana. If you have a drug test coming up and you’ve used marijuana recently, then these can be a godsend. However, many users are confused about what exactly these detox drinks do and whether they’re effective. So how do marijuana detox drinks work? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Marijuana Detox Drinks?

When it comes to marijuana detoxing, users take many approaches. Naturally, drinking plenty of water is essential for flushing as much THC out of your system as possible. You should also consume high-fiber foods, vitamins, and drinks that speed up the digestive process. However, Marijuana Detox Drinks are generally the most effective way to cleanse your system of THC fast.

Whether you smoke weed, vape it or use marijuana-infused products such as edibles and tinctures, THC binds to metabolites in your system when you consume marijuana. These can stick around for a while and make you fail a drug test. As such, Marijuana Detox Drinks help speed up the process of flushing out THC and helping you pass a drug test.

These drinks can usually be bought in head shops or online and there are plenty of different brands and types out there. Although each drink differs, they usually contain a blend of ingredients that are effective at either removing THC from your system and masking any remaining THC.

Why Use Marijuana Detox Drinks

Why Use Marijuana Detox Drinks?

Anyone who uses marijuana will likely have THC remaining in their system for around five days to a week. For most users, this won’t be a problem at all. Using marijuana is now legal in Canada and having THC remaining in your system won’t cause you to still feel high or cause any adverse effects. However, there are a couple of situations where Marijuana Detox Drinks are useful.

These drinks are most commonly used by users who have an upcoming drug test. THC is usually flushed out of your system after a week or less, but frequent users may have THC remaining in their system for longer. A Detox Drink can help ensure you have a much higher chance of passing an upcoming drug test, even if you’ve used weed within the past few days.

While they’re mainly used for avoiding failed drug tests, some users also use Marijuana Detox Drinks simply to cleanse their system. After using marijuana frequently, some users simply want to boost their health by flushing out any possible remaining THC. What’s more, going on a marijuana detox can help reduce your tolerance when you go back to smoking weed, meaning you’ll get high quicker and easier.

How Do Marijuana Detox Drinks Work?

Marijuana Detox Drinks are designed for users to take when they have a drug test coming up soon. They contain a mix of ingredients designed to help you pass your drug test. These ingredients work in a couple of ways- some simply speed up your digestive system whereas others help you mask THC in your system and avoid a flagged test.

Most Detox Drinks contain vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B12. While increasing your vitamin intake can help detox your body and improve your health, B Vitamins are especially important as they help mask THC in your system and make your urine yellow. Yellow urine helps ensure that your test isn’t marked as suspicious due to your urine being too clear or diluted.

Creatinine is also a common ingredient in detox drinks. When you drink a lot of water to pass a drug test, you often also remove creatinine from your system. Drug tests check for creatinine levels, so it’s important to increase them before taking a test.

Other ingredients can vary, but Detox Drinks often contain things such as caffeine, taurine, cranberry, and zinc. Many of these ingredients simply help speed up the process of excreting marijuana metabolites and reducing THC in your system.

How To Use Marijuana Detox Drinks

How To Use Marijuana Detox Drinks

If you’re planning to use Marijuana Detox Drinks, you must use them correctly. They’re often designed to be taken shortly before a drug test along with plenty of water. Some can also help you flush more THC out of your system in the lead up to your test, but many recommend simply drinking plenty of water in the days before your test.

Each drink differs and they’ll generally give you directions on when and how to use them. However, they’ll generally instruct you to take your Detox Drink a few hours before a test along with plenty of water. Some may instruct you to take multiple drinks or ensure that you urinate a certain number of times before your test. It’s important not to use them too soon or too late as this may result in you failing your test.

You should also keep in mind that using a Marijuana Detox Drink doesn’t guarantee that you’ll pass your drug test. Some require a certain amount of time and individual differences such as the speed of your metabolism and how frequently you smoke can also have an impact.


Marijuana Detox Drinks work by giving you a blend of ingredients designed to help you cleanse your body in various ways. Some of the ingredients simply speed up your digestive system, allowing you to urinate more frequently and flush more THC out of your system. Other ingredients help mask the THC in your system and also avoid common drug test pitfalls such as over-dilated urine.

While using these drinks doesn’t guarantee that you’ll pass your test, they can give you a much better chance. It’s also important to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your test and follow the instructions of your drink carefully. Fortunately, most users won’t have to worry about these drinks as it’s legal to smoke in Canada and you can even buy weed online legally.


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