How Does Cannabis Work as an Appetite Suppressant

How Does Cannabis Work as an Appetite Suppressant?

One of the fascinating things about cannabis is that it can cause all kinds of interesting effects. When most people think of cannabis, they most likely think of the effects of THC, which can heighten your senses, enhance your creativity, boost your mood and, in many cases, make you hungry. But cannabis is made up of various chemicals and can have differing effects. For instance, cannabis can work as an appetite suppressant as well.

Although most people who smoke marijuana will most likely be hit by the munchies- the sharp pangs of hunger you get when you’re high- cannabis can have the opposite effect in some instances. Of course, it depends on the kind of strain or product you use and which cannabinoids you’re ingesting, but those looking to avoid a boosted appetite can still benefit from cannabis. So how does cannabis work as an appetite suppressant? Here’s a guide.

Can Marijuana Increase Your Appetite?

Pretty much anyone who’s smoked weed or used THC at some point can tell you that marijuana will most likely boost your appetite. THC can have all kinds of effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system- including making you feel hungrier while simultaneously making food look, smell, and taste better.

This is partly due to the effects THC has on your hormones. By increasing hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin, smoking weed, or ingesting THC in other ways can rapidly make you feel hungry. Even if you’ve already eaten beforehand, THC can still boost your appetite significantly.

On top of that, THC can also make food seem significantly more appealing. Research shows that marijuana enhances your senses, and can make food look, smell, and taste better. That means that those leftover slices of pizza or that bag of chips on the table will be hard to resist when you’re high.

However, it’s also important to note that cannabis is made up of a wide range of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. It also contains other compounds that contribute to the effects you’ll experience, such as terpenoids. So while THC is likely to boost your appetite, other cannabinoids can have the opposite effect.

Can Marijuana Increase Your Appetite

How Does Cannabis Work As An Appetite Suppressant?

Although most people associate cannabis with the effects of THC, it also contains a range of other components that can also impact your body and mind in various ways. That means that, although THC usually acts as an appetite stimulant, other parts of the cannabis plant can work as an appetite suppressant.

THC stimulates appetite by stimulating CB1 receptors in the body. However, a study found that CB1 receptor antagonists can help reduce your appetite and may even help you lose weight. THCV is a little-known cannabinoid that acts as a CB1 receptor antagonist, meaning it can reduce the appetite-boosting effects of THC and potentially even help you lose weight.

Although research suggests THCV can work as an appetite suppressant, THCV is generally only found in trace amounts in cannabis products. What’s more, you’re unlikely to find high-THCV products in stores and dispensaries. However, another interesting option is CBD.

CBD is a popular alternative to THC as it can interact with the endocannabinoid system and provide various benefits without making you high. CBD is known to reduce many of the effects of THC, and it may even help reduce your appetite. An animal study found that CBD reduced appetite in rats. While more human research is needed, many users find CBD suppresses their appetite rather than boosting it.

How To Use Cannabis As An Appetite Suppressant

Since you’re unlikely to find THCV products, the best way to use cannabis as an appetite suppressant is to avoid high-THC products and focus on high-CBD products. CBD counteracts many of the effects of THC and there are many ways you can use it.

One option is to use high-CBD strains of cannabis. That way, you’ll still get some of the enjoyable psychoactive effects of THC, but the high levels of CBD will reduce many of the potential side effects. With that said, high-CBD strains are generally rarer to find than high-THC strains.

As an alternative, you might want to use CBD products instead of marijuana. Products such as CBD Edibles, Tinctures, Capsules, and Vapes are great if you’re looking to avoid the munchies or other side effects of THC. You can even find products that contain both CBD and THC- these will still get you high but the side effects will likely be milder.

Will Marijuana Make You Gain Weight?

Will Marijuana Make You Gain Weight?

Although some cannabinoids can help suppress your appetite, it’s worth noting that the appetite-boosting properties of THC aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Some users worry about marijuana making them gain weight due to the munchies. However, according to various studies, it may have the opposite effect.

Research shows that, despite boosting your appetite, marijuana use is linked to lower rates of obesity, lower fat mass, lower BMI, and lower fasting insulin. Not only is this great for controlling your weight, but it can also reduce the risk of various health complications, such as Type 2 Diabetes.

If you want to avoid eating too much when you’re high, then you might want to keep some light and healthy snacks around or even abstain from snacks altogether. However, don’t be afraid to enjoy some delicious cannabis and food pairings. As long as you eat in moderation, getting high won’t make you gain weight.


Although THC is known to give you the munchies, it turns out that cannabis can also work as an appetite suppressant. Other cannabinoids such as THCV and CBD often have the opposite effect to THC and, as such, using cannabis doesn’t always mean that you’ll end up feeling incredibly hungry.

With that said, don’t worry if smoking weed makes you hungry. Although you might end up having a THC-induced eating session, research suggests that marijuana use isn’t linked to weight gain. On the contrary, it’s linked to better weight control. As such, you can enjoy all the high-quality cannabis products you want from BudExpressNow without feeling guilty.


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