How To Get Stuck Kief Out Of A Marijuana Grinder

How To Get Stuck Kief Out Of A Marijuana Grinder

Before you can add weed to your joint or bowl, it’s always best to grind it first. Ground weed burns more evenly and gives you a much better smoking experience, plus it’s quick and easy to use a Marijuana Grinder to get finely-ground marijuana. However, even after you’ve used your weed, you might end up with some leftover kief, and it helps to know how to get stuck kief out of a Marijuana Grinder.

Kief is a type of marijuana concentrate that’s made up of the dried trichome particles that fall away from your weed when you grind it. You’ll want to collect as much of your leftover kief as possible, especially as it contains high levels of THC and can be used in many ways to get a potent high. Here’s a guide on how to get stuck kief out of a Marijuana Grinder and how to use it.

Stick Your Grinder In The Freezer

If you have some Kief stuck at the bottom of your grinder and you’re having a hard time getting it out, then you might want to try putting your grinder in the freezer for a few minutes. The cold temperatures will help make your Kief brittle and easier to scrape out, so this method can help out when you need to collect your Kief.

You don’t need to leave your grinder in the freezer for too long. Even around 5-10 minutes can help. However, if you have a lot of stubborn Kief in your grinder that you still can’t get out, you might want to put your grinder in the freezer for longer.

Once you take your grinder out of the freezer, you should find it easier to scrape the Kief out. Try emptying it onto a piece of paper by tapping it against a hard surface first. If you still have leftover Kief, you might want to try using a paintbrush or cotton bud to scrape the rest out.

Use A Scraper To Scrape Your Grinder

Use A Scraper To Scrape Your Grinder

If you’ve tried freezing your grinder and still have some stubborn Kief that you can’t get out, you might want to get a Kief Scraper. A scraper is a small tool that you can use for collecting small and hard-to-handle marijuana concentrates. It can come in handy in many situations, and one of the best ways you can use it is to scrape Kief.

A Kief Scraper with a thin and flat end is perfect for collecting Kief. Simply run it through the teeth of your grinder and scrape all the Kief into a corner before emptying it into a container or a piece of paper. You can then store your Kief elsewhere for when you need to use it.

If you don’t have a Kief Scraper handy, you might find that other pieces of equipment do a similar job. For instance, a mini screwdriver or paintbrush might help you scrape Kief out of your grinder. A Collection Tool designed for scraping and scooping marijuana concentrates can also help.

Submerge Your Grinder In Isopropyl Alcohol

Sometimes, you might find that the Kief at the bottom of your grinder is simply too stubborn to scrape out, even after freezing your grinder. Luckily, there’s another method you can use to ensure that you get every last bit of Kief out of your grinder. This involves submerging your grinder in isopropyl alcohol.

Fill a jar or container with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol- just enough to submerge your grinder. Take your grinder apart and put all parts in the alcohol and swish it around for a few minutes. The alcohol will help the Kief break away from the grinder. You can then pour the alcohol into a Pyrex dish. The alcohol will evaporate and you’ll be left with your Kief.

Not only is this an effective way to collect any leftover Kief, but it also helps clean your grinder during the process. After taking your grinder out of the alcohol, scrape it with a cotton bud or paintbrush then thoroughly rinse and dry the grinder. You’ll be left with a nice, clean grinder as well as a stash of Kief.

Use A Multi-Piece Grinder With A Kief Chamber

If you don’t want to constantly go through the effort of collecting Kief from the bottom of your grinder, you can invest in a device that’ll collect your Kief for you. Two-piece grinders are the most common choice but these make it hard to get all your Kief. Instead, opt for a multi-piece grinder with a Kief chamber.

For example, you might want to get the Solid Black Hand Grinder. This 4-piece grinder comes with extra compartments to collect your products. Not only does it have a separate chamber to collect your weed, but it also includes a mesh screen so your Kief will fall into another chamber, making it extra easy to collect. It’s also available in different colors, such as Blue, Gunmetal, and Silver.

These devices are well worth buying as they make collecting your Kief so much simpler. Instead of trying to scrape stubborn Kief from between the teeth of a two-piece grinder, you just have to open up the Kief chamber and empty it.

How To Use Your Kief

How To Use Your Kief

Once you’ve collected your Kief, there are many ways you can use it. Many users use Kief to enhance their joints or bowls. After you’ve filled your joint or bowl with weed, simply sprinkle some Kief on top and you’ll get an enhanced high.

You can also use Kief to make other marijuana concentrates. Compressing it with a Pollen Press will give you a satisfying block of Hash. Wrapping it in parchment paper and pressing it with a Rosin Press or Hair Straightener will give you some quality Rosin.

It’s also possible to vape Kief, although you’ll need a compatible device. Some users even infuse Kief into cannabis butter or oil and use it in their cooking. No matter how you use it, Kief is well worth collecting.


If you find a lot of stuck Kief at the bottom of your Marijuana Grinder, these methods will help you collect all of it. Sometimes it’s as simple as using a scraper, but in some cases, you might need to freeze it or even use isopropyl alcohol to get the rest of the Kief out. 

Of course, you can always simply buy a 4-piece grinder with a Kief chamber. You can find grinders, concentrates, and plenty of weed online at BudExpressNow.


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