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How To Have The Best 4/20

This year, honour the world’s greatest holiday and have your best 4/20 ever. To make the day memorable and super chill, read on for our expert advice.

Commit To Celebrating

Book the day off of work, ditch class or cancel whatever you thought you might have to get done. This is seriously important. Nothing is worse than only committing halfway. Save yourself the stress of getting too high to function for “life”, and allow yourself the whole day to celebrate this incredibly magical herb.

Find Some Stoner Friends

If you don’t already have yourself a circle of fellow herb enthusiasts’ and want some company for 4/20, you’ve got options! Search through Facebook and Google for a community of stoners in your area. Together, you cam share the enthusiasm and your mutual love and appreciation for pot. You might also be able to save some cash this way too, suggest splitting the costs of celebrating.

Snag The Best 4/20 Deals

All of your favourite dispensaries and weed accessory shops will have some incredible deals come April. Stock yourself up now with your go-to strains and whatever gizmos and toys you’ve been dying to try now that the deals are hot. You can shop our drool worthy deals here.

Find a 4/20 Event

If you’re looking to really scream for weed, get dressed up and make some super sick signs- find a 4/20 event near you. This list by Herb highlights some of the major parties and parades taking place this 4/20 in the States. If you’re a Canadian stoner, check here.

Make Your Dream Weed Cave

If you don’t want to head out into the marijuana masses and are hoping for a more low key night instead, we recommend you prep. Whether you are having guests over or staying solo, you’ll to set yourself up with everything you might need for the best trip ever. We’re loving this Ultimate 4/20 Playlist and this list of Must Have Munchies. Also, don’t be afraid to go all out and decorate and make your party themed!

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