How To Keep Weed Fresh

How To Keep Weed Fresh

Proper pot storing is key if you want to keep your weed fresh. Otherwise, you’ll run the chance of choking on dried and crumbly bud that’s lost its delicious smell and flavor. Follow this guide to keep your buds beautiful and tasty for as long as possible.

Store weed in a glass jar

You’ve got two options if you choose glass: a mason jar or a specialty pot jar. Feel free to choose either one, as long as your pick is airtight. Marijuana crumbles and loses all of its moisture when it’s been exposed to air for too long. If you try to smoke this dried up cannabis, chances are you’ll experience a lot of burning and suffer a cough attack. Glass is a natural substance that is impermeable, meaning nothing can come in or out through it. It also wont alter the flavour of the weed at all. The only downside to glass storing is that it won’t protect your weed from sun damage. You’ll need to make sure to keep your container away from direct sunlight to avoid moisture buildup from the heat of the sun.

Store weed in a dark metal container

As far as metal goes, your best bet is to opt for an airtight titanium container. This is because it wont secrete gasses that will change the flavour of your weed unlike most other metals. Since the containers are essentially pitch black when closed, you also wont have to worry about keeping storing the container away from sunlight.

Store weed in a cannabis humidor

This option, while the most expensive, is also the most effective for keeping weed as fresh as the moment you buy it. We recommend any of the options and models available at Cannador. You’re bud will be protected from both air and light stored this way. You’ll also have the added luxury of being able to control humidity levels.


As a last piece of advice, it is crucial that you never under any circumstances store your pot in the fridge or freezer.

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