How To Make Hash

How To Make Hash: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hash (also known as Hashish) is one of the most commonly used types of cannabis concentrates. While Shatter is known for its amber, glass-like appearance and Wax is known for being soft and pliable, Hash comes in a solid, dark, brick-like form. Once heated, you can crumble Hash apart and use it for smoking or vaping purposes. But while it’s easy to find, you might want to learn how to make Hash.

High-quality Hash is usually made using an extraction process that involves separating the dried trichomes from marijuana buds and compressing them into a solid brick of high-THC Hash. However, you don’t necessarily need any special equipment or knowledge to make it- it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself.

Making Hash is a fun project for any marijuana lover, especially as it’s one of the easiest concentrates to make at home. There are a few effective ways to make Hash yourself and most require you to collect a good stash of kief first. However, these methods are easy enough for anyone to carry out and you’ll end up with a solid block of Hash that’ll give you a fantastic high.

So what are the different methods of making Hash, what do you need to make it, and how you should use it? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make Hash and everything else you need to know.

Why Make Hash?

Hash is always a great product to use for users who want something more potent than weed. While it’s not quite as THC-heavy as other concentrates like Shatter or Live Resin, Hash still contains over twice as much THC as your average strain of weed and, as such, it can give you a phenomenal high when you crumble some up into a joint or bowl.

It’s one of the easiest concentrates to find in stores, but you might want to make it yourself for various reasons. For one, Hash is one of the easiest types of cannabis concentrates to make. You have multiple options when it comes to how to make it and all of them are easy enough for anyone to carry out. Some of these methods don’t require anything but materials you have around your house, making for a fun and easy D.I.Y. marijuana project.

What’s more, Hash can help you get more value out of your weed. By extracting the trichomes into a solid, concentrated block of Hash, you can get an even more potent high than you would from just smoking or vaping weed. Plus, you can use any strain of weed you want depending on the kind of effects you’re looking for.

Taking Hash generally doesn’t take too much time or effort and you can easily end up with a nice stash of Hash to use whenever you want. Although you may need to prepare by collecting kief and grabbing a couple of basic tools, it won’t be long until you’re enjoying satisfying homemade Hash.

What You Need To Make Hash

What You Need To Make Hash

What you need to make Hash at home depends on the method you use. For instance, if you want to make Finger Hash, you don’t need anything except your hands. However, this is the lowest-quality kind of Hash and it’s best to at least try making Hash with a Pollen Press or even Dry Ice Hash.

In most cases, you’re going to need a good quantity of kief first. Kief refers to the dried trichomes that fall from marijuana buds. It usually looks like a green powder and you might notice kief accumulating at the bottom of your weed grinder. There are a few ways you can collect enough kief to make quality Hash.

Some grinders are designed to separate kief from the rest of your weed. Four-piece grinders have a kief collection chamber that allows you to collect kief every time you grind your weed. Eventually, you’ll end up with an impressive stash that you can then use to make Hash or other concentrates.

If you want a quicker way to collect kief, you might want to use a Pollen Box or silkscreen. By pressuring marijuana buds through a mesh screen, you can collect a good amount of kief fairly quickly. Alternatively, you can combine marijuana buds with dry ice in an extraction bag which will separate your kief from the rest of the plant. This method is used to make Dry Ice Hash.

Other than that, you can use a Pollen Press to compress your kief into Hash. Alternatively, you might want to make Hash simply by using a glass jar full of water and some parchment paper. If you want to make Dry Ice Hash, make sure you have protective gloves and Dry Ice Extraction Bags.

How To Make Dry Ice Hash

If you want to make high-quality Hash at home, then it’s best to make Dry Ice Hash. This refers to Hash made by using Dry Ice Extraction to collect your kief before compressing it into a block of Hash. To make Dry Ice Hash, you’ll need some dry ice and special sieve bags- you can usually find these online by searching Dry Ice Extraction Bags. You’ll also need some of your favorite weed.

Step 1: Before you make Dry Ice Hash, make sure you apply protective gloves- handling dry ice can damage your skin. Break your dry ice into smaller pieces- this will ensure you extract more kief from your buds.

Step 2: Start filling an extraction bag with your marijuana buds or trimmings. It’s best to use a bag with a small micron size at first. Once you’ve filled it with your weed, add your pieces of dry ice. These will freeze the trichomes on your buds and cause them to separate and fall through the holes in your bag.

Step 3: Hold your bag over a container or flat surface and shake it to collect as much kief as possible. Once kief stops falling through your extraction bag, transfer your weed and dry ice to another bag with a larger mesh and continue the process to collect even more kief.

Step 4: Once you’ve collected plenty of kief, you can compress it into Hash in a couple of ways. You might want to use a device known as a Pollen Press to press it together. Alternatively, you can use a hot Glass Jar to convert it into Hash. This guide will cover both of these methods.

How To Make Hash With A Pollen Press

How To Make Hash With A Pollen Press

One of the most common ways to make Hash at home is by using a Pollen Press. You can buy a Pollen Press online or in some smoke shops. Other than your Pollen Press, all you need is a large stash of kief. Here’s how to make Hash using a Pollen Press.

Step 1: Sit your Pollen Press on a table and remove the cap from the top. There’s a pin inside that you’ll also need to remove. Fill the Pollen Press with as much kief as possible while still leaving a small amount of space at the top to reapply the pin and cap.

Step 2: Once you’ve put the pin back in your Pollen Press and screwed the cap back on, tighten the cap as much as possible to compress your kief into a block of Hash. You’ll want to leave it inside the Pollen Press for at least 8 hours while also retightening the cap every hour or so to compress it further.

Step 3: After 8 hours or more, your kief should be tightly pressed together into Hash. You can now remove both ends of your Pollen Press and push out the cylinder of Hash. You might want to cut the block into small coins of Hash to make it easier to use.

How To Make Hash With A Glass Jar

Another effective way to turn a stash of kief into a block of Hash is by using a jar filled with hot water. The heat from the water causes the trichomes to convert and begin to meld together until you end up with a satisfying block of Hash. This method is quick, easy, and gives you some surprisingly high-quality Hash. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Lay a piece of parchment paper out on the table and fill the middle with a stash of kief while leaving the edges empty. Wrap the kief up into a tight, square package. You might want to seal it with tape.

Step 2: Take a round, sealable glass jar and fill it with hot water. You might want to apply gloves if the jar is too hot. Take your jar of hot water and roll it firmly over your package of kief on a flat surface multiple times.

Step 3: After rolling your hot glass over your package of kief for around 8-10 minutes, it should feel like a solid block of Hash inside. You might want to continue the process for longer if it’s still soft and crumbly.

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with your results, place the package of kief in the fridge for around 30 minutes to allow it to loosen up and separate from the parchment paper. You can now remove the paper and get your newly-made block of Hash. Your Hash is now ready to use however you want, and you can repeat this process if you want to make more.

How To Make Finger Hash

How To Make Finger Hash

The simplest way to make Hash yourself is by making Finger Hash. Finger Hash involves using nothing but your hands to pull the resin away from your buds and compress it into small blocks of Hash. It’s not the best method as it generally results in low-quality weed, but it can still be fun to try.

Step 1: Place your marijuana buds between your hands and simply rub them together. You’ll notice that the more you rub weed between your fingers, the more sticky, dark resin you’ll collect on your hands. The more weed you have, the more effective this will be.

Step 2: Once your hands are covered in resin, peel it away with your fingers and start to collect it into a single stash.

Step 3: All you need to do now is press your block of resin together into a block and, just like that, you have Finger Hash. As easy as this method is, the Hash you’ll end up with generally isn’t too satisfying and it’s usually better to simply smoke your weed or make Hash using other methods.

How To Use Hash

Hash is quite a versatile product and you can use it in multiple ways. While many users choose to add Hash to a joint or bowl, you can also vape it using a Vape Pen or even dab it for even stronger effects. Here are the most popular ways to use Hash.

Smoking Hash in a Joint – If you enjoy smoking joints, you might want to make a Hash joint. Before you add Hash to a joint, it’s important to light it until it becomes soft. You can then crumble it into small pieces and make a tightly-packed joint. You might want to mix Hash with weed so it burns more smoothly.

Smoking Hash in a Bong/Pipe – Smoking Hash in a Bong or Pipe is another great way to enjoy its powerful effects. Again, it’s best to crumble your Hash into small pieces first before adding it to your bowl. You might also want to mix it with weed to avoid any leftover resin sticking to the bowl.

Vaping Hash – You can also add Hash to the chamber of your Vape Pen, provided that you have a compatible device. Many users add degummed hemp fiber to their chamber to avoid their Hash leaving residue. Usually, temperatures of 350-420°F work well for vaping Hash.

Dabbing Hash – If you have a Dab Rig, heat the nail with a butane torch and apply a dab of Hash when it’s red hot. You can then take a powerful hit that’ll bring out the full potential of your Hash. This method isn’t recommended for beginner users.

How To Use Hash


Making Hash is a great D.I.Y. project for anyone who wants to get more value out of their weed. As long as you have enough kief, there are numerous ways to make high-quality Hash for smoking, vaping or dabbing. However, if you don’t feel like making Hash yourself, you can always just buy Hash online.


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