How to Make Weed Tea From Your Leftover Stems

How to Make Weed Tea From Your Leftover Stems

When you buy marijuana, you could just smoke the buds and be done. However, there’s a lot more you can use it for, and it’s worth using up every part of it. For example, many people use a grinder to collect kief from their weed and use it to increase the effects of their joint or bowl. But that’s not all- you can also make weed tea from your leftover stems.

Weed Tea is a fantastic drink that anyone can enjoy. Not only will you get the natural benefits of tea, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the recreational high and medical effects brought on by marijuana. These two make a perfect mix and it’s also simple enough for anyone to brew some weed tea up. Here’s a guide on how to make weed tea from your leftover stems.

What is Weed Tea?

Weed Tea is a type of marijuana beverage made by infusing tea with marijuana. You can make it in all kinds of flavors, so whether you prefer Jasmine Tea, Lemon Tea or just a regular cup of tea, it’s easy to infuse it with marijuana.

When you drink Weed Tea, you should expect strong effects that last for many hours. Marijuana-infused beverages work just like edibles. That means that after consumption, you’ll usually need to allow around 30-90 minutes for the effects to kick in. That’s because your body needs time to digest the THC and convert it into 11-hydroxy-THC, a stronger form of THC.

Once the effects kick in, you’ll feel high for anywhere from 4-12 hours. It’s important to avoid using too much weed, but in moderation, Weed Tea can give you a euphoric and relaxing high. It can also help with chronic pain, anxiety, stress, nausea, sleep, and a lot more.

Why Make Weed Tea

Why Make Weed Tea?

Making Weed Tea is worth trying out for anyone. If you enjoy the effects of weed, brewing some Weed Tea lets you feel the powerful effects of THC even more. Not only is it fantastic for recreational users who want a potent, long-lasting high, but it can also help out users who want relief for a range of physical and mental symptoms.

One of the best things about Weed Tea is that it can make you high for hours. Using a high amount may result in overwhelming effects, but you can also use a small amount to get a milder but still long-lasting high. Many medical users enjoy Weed Tea as it can give them long-lasting relief for their symptoms.

It also offers a fun way to enjoy marijuana. There’s no smoking involved and you’ll get the health benefits of both marijuana and tea. You can also spice it up with all kinds of flavors. No matter what kind of tea you prefer, you can make it with weed. There are also multiple ways to make Weed Tea which gives users plenty of options.

What You Need To Make Weed Tea

Before you make Weed Tea, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things. There are a few different ways to make Weed Tea, but if you plan to make tea with your leftover stems, make sure you have some weed stems collected. Any strain will do and you might even want to get stems from multiple strains to enjoy in the form of Weed Tea.

You’ll also need some flavoring to infuse your tea with. You might want to use a tea bag or loose-leaf tea infuser with whatever kind of tea you enjoy. For example, you can make a cup of Chamomile Tea and brew it with weed to enhance the effects. You can also add things like lemon, honey, and cinnamon.

You’ll also need a binding agent. The cannabinoids in weed bind to fats, so you can use butter, oil, milk or other kinds of fats. A good approach is to use Coconut Milk. Not only does it work well as a binding agent for weed, but it also enhances the taste of your tea.

How to Make Weed Tea From Your Leftover Stems

How to Make Weed Tea From Your Leftover Stems

Once you have your weed stems and other ingredients ready, it’s pretty easy to brew up a good cup of Weed Tea. Here’s how to make Weed Tea from your leftover stems.


  • ½ cup of Weed Stems
  • 3 cups of water
  • ½ cup of Coconut Milk (alternatively use regular milk or ½ a tablespoon of butter or oil)
  • Flavorings (e.g. tea bags, lemon, honey, ginger, etc.)

Step 1: Put your tea/tea bag and coconut milk (or another binding agent) into a pot along with 3 cups of water. Heat the pot until it comes to a boil.

Step 2: Once your pot is boiling, add your weed stems and stir frequently. After around 10 minutes, remove the pot from the heat.

Step 3: You’ll now need to strain the liquid to separate the tea from the weed. Use a coffee filter or cheesecloth and pour your tea from the pot into a cup. Your weed tea is now ready! You can add extra flavorings such as cinnamon, honey, and sweetener before drinking.

Other Ways To Make Weed Tea

Making Weed Tea from your leftover stems is a fantastic way to use up the spare parts of your weed and also making a great marijuana-infused beverage. However, there are also a few other methods to make Weed Tea. You might want to try these out and see which works best for you.

Many people make Weed Tea by using weed butter or oil. You do this by decarboxylating weed in the oven to activate the THC before grinding it and cooking it into butter or oil. This results in a marijuana-infused ingredient that you can then use in all kinds of fun recipes and drinks, including tea.

For an even simpler method, you can use Cannabis Tincture. All you have to do is measure out your desired dose of THC Tincture in a dropper and apply it to your cup of tea. You can also add any kind of flavoring you want. This makes it extra quick and easy to make Weed Tea.

Other Ways To Make Weed Tea


Need a way to get rid of the leftover parts of your weed? Making Weed Tea with your leftover stems is a great idea. You’ll get a refreshing cup of tea infused with all kinds of benefits, and you can spruce it up with all kinds of flavorings and spices. Plus, you can buy all the weed you need online from


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