How To Pair Beer And Marijuana

How To Pair Beer And Marijuana

For some users, beer and marijuana might sound like a bad combination. After all, too much weed and alcohol can result in an unpleasant, crossfaded feeling. However, when done right, beer and marijuana can go amazingly well together. Not only will beer enhance the effects of marijuana, but the effects of marijuana will make your beer taste better.

There are many ways to pair beer and marijuana- especially as there are now so many different flavors of craft beers and strains of marijuana legally available to buy. You can find various flavors that go well together or even pair them based on their effects. Here’s a guide on how to pair beer and marijuana.

Why Pair Beer And Marijuana?

So why pair beer and marijuana? Beer can be extremely enjoyable in moderation, as can marijuana. Although some users may prefer to enjoy these substances individually, you can find some incredible pairings of beer and weed that make the entire experience even more enjoyable.

Beer enthusiasts now have more choices than ever thanks to the rising popularity of craft beers. From pilsners to lagers to pale ales, there’s a massive variety when it comes to the taste and texture of beers. You can even find beers that taste of fruits or sour beers- these can go perfectly with certain strains of marijuana.

Much like craft beers, there’s a massive selection of marijuana strains you can buy. Some strains have fresh fruity tastes, some are dank and earthy, and some have a sour kick. Many of these tastes pair well with certain beers. What’s more, each strain of weed varies slightly when it comes to effects. You might want an uplifting strain to go with a strong beer or vice versa.

Alcohol can even enhance the effects of THC, so drinking beer before taking a toke of your favorite strain can result in a sensational high. Plus, weed enhances your senses and can make your beer taste better. When you find the right pairing of beer and marijuana, both will be much more enjoyable.

Why Pair Beer And Marijuana

Does Beer Make Your Marijuana Better?

One of the best reasons to pair beer with marijuana is that even a small serving of alcohol can enhance the effects of marijuana. Taking a few sips of beer before enjoying a puff of weed can result in the high feeling even better. You may even find the medical benefits of weed more efficient when you pair beer with marijuana.

The effects of pairing alcohol with weed were examined in a 2015 study in the American Association for Clinical Chemistry journal. The study found that combining any dose of alcohol with cannabis significantly increased THC levels in the blood. THC is the main psychoactive component in marijuana and, as such, it turns out that alcohol can increase your high.

Users who want to feel the effects of weed quicker and more intensely will enjoy pairing beer with marijuana. However, it’s important to use both in moderation. Too much beer or marijuana can impair your judgment and cause unwanted side effects. Too much of both can result in an extremely uncomfortable experience. However, a small serving of beer and a few puffs of weed can have great effects.

Does Marijuana Make Your Beer Better?

Not only can your beer make smoking marijuana better, but the effects of marijuana can also make your beer taste better. Since marijuana enhances your senses- including smell and taste- you might find yourself enjoying the experience of drinking beer even more after consuming even a small amount of weed.

These effects have been shown by various studies. For instance, a 2014 study found that as well as increasing your hunger, cannabis enhanced olfactory processes to make food smell and taste better. Similarly, a 2011 study found that cannabis helped enhance patients’ sense of taste and help them enjoy food even more.

However, the sensory-enhancing effects of weed aren’t just limited to food. They can also help you enjoy the smell and taste of beer even more. Many beers have subtle flavors that you might not even notice upon first taste. However, weed will improve your sense of taste and help you taste the full range of flavors, making your beer even more delicious and refreshing.

Does Marijuana Make Your Beer Better

How To Pair Beer And Marijuana

Pairing beer and marijuana is as simple as choosing one of your favorite beers and favorite strains of weed and enjoying them together. Whether you take a hit before you take a sip or vice versa, both will be more enjoyable.

Prepare by rolling a joint or loading a bowl with your weed. Using a Bong or Pipe is more convenient than smoking a joint as you can take a hit as you need it instead of wasting your weed while you drink your beer.

It’s best to leave your beer in the fridge for a while before drinking it with weed. That way, it’ll be extra cool and refreshing. Taking a sip of beer before a hit of weed will make the effects of weed stronger. Then, after you take a hit of weed, the taste of your beer will be even better, as will the effects of alcohol.

While you can use pretty much any beer or strain of weed that you want, it’s best to find good flavor combinations. For instance, light-bodied, crisp beers with fruity tones will go well with fruity strains such as Raspberry. An earthy lager will go well with an earthy strain like Violator 2. You might want to experiment with various combinations to see which you enjoy the most.


Pairing beer and marijuana is a fantastic way to enjoy the effects of both even more. The alcohol in beer makes the effects of marijuana stronger while the THC in marijuana enhances your taste and smell, making your beer even more refreshing.

You can find all kinds of amazing flavor combinations when you combine beer with marijuana. For instance, you could combine a fruity craft beer with a similar-tasting strain or combine the two based on the strength of their effects. While you can find various flavors of beer in liquor stores, you can find a massive selection of marijuana strains online at BudExpressNow.


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