How to Use a Bubbler to Smoke Weed or Dabs

How to Use a Bubbler to Smoke Weed or Dabs

Weed can be consumed in various ways. While some users choose to simply roll joints, using a smoking device such as a Bong or Pipe is a much better approach. Not only do these devices make smoking more convenient, but they also give you harder, purer hits for a great smoking experience. However, if you want another device prime for strong hits, you might want to use a Bubbler to smoke weed or dabs.

Bubblers are small Water Pipes that you can carry pretty much anywhere. These handy devices are perfect for getting smooth hits of weed, especially as they filter smoke using a small water chamber to give you cooler, purer hits. Plus, in addition to being great for smoking weed, some Bubbler can also be used for dabbing. Here’s a guide on how to use a Bubbler to smoke weed or dabs.

What Is A Bubbler?

A Bubbler is one of the many convenient types of cannabis smoking devices out there. It’s a small Water Pipe complete with a bowl for packing your products, a downstem, a mouthpiece, and a water chamber. Bubblers are seen as a fantastic middle ground between Bongs and Pipes, especially as they offer the best features of both.

While Pipes offer portability and Bongs offer the added feature of purifying smoke through water, Bubblers offer both. Like Pipes, they’re small enough to fit in your pocket and carry anywhere you need them. Like Bongs, they have a water chamber for cooler hits. As such, they’re easily one of the best tools you can use if you want an optimal marijuana smoking experience.

It’s easy and convenient to smoke using a Bubbler- just pack your product, light, and inhale. These devices offer great airflow to give you a hard-hitting high within seconds. What’s more, some Bubblers are equipped to handle dabs as well as weed, so you can enjoy all of your favorite cannabis strains and concentrates with one miniature device.

How To Use A Bubbler To Smoke Weed

How To Use A Bubbler To Smoke Weed

If you want quality hits of weed, it’s well worth investing in a Bubbler. These tools give you amazingly smooth and potent hits within seconds. Just like using a Pipe or Bong, it’s very easy to set up your Bubbler for smoking weed and start enjoying the experience without any hassle.

Like Bongs, Bubblers come with a water chamber, although it’s much smaller than the ones you’d see in a regular Bong. Start by filling your water chamber with fresh water. This will help to purify smoke as well as making your weed hits cooler and smoother.

Once you’re ready, pack some of your favorite weed in the bowl. It’s best to grind weed before adding it to your bowl- this way, it’ll burn much easier and feel more satisfying. Now, all you have to do is light your weed and inhale deeply from the mouthpiece. Hold the hit for a second or two and exhale. You can take as many hits as you’d like until you’re satisfied with the effects.

How To Use A Bubbler To Smoke Dabs

While smoking weed out of a Bubbler can give you an incredibly satisfying high, some users prefer to use dabs. Dabs is another name for cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, and Oil. These products contain extremely high levels of THC and, as such, give you extra strong effects.

There’s a couple of ways to use a Bubbler to smoke dabs. The easiest is to simply apply some of your favorite cannabis concentrates on top of some weed. Start by filling your bowl with ground weed then add some pieces of Shatter, Wax, Hash or any other cannabis concentrate on top. This will enhance the strength of your hits.

Some Bubblers are designed for dabbing and these will give you even stronger effects. You’ll need a Bubbler with a Quartz dab nail and a blow torch. Heat the dab nail until it’s hot enough and then use a dab tool to apply a small dab of your chosen product to the nail. It’ll vaporize instantly and you’ll be able to take a strong hit from the mouthpiece.

Where To Buy A Bubbler

Bubblers may not be as popular as Bongs or Pipes, but you can still find them in plenty of places. Cannabis shops and head shops often offer Bubblers, but the best way to get a high-quality device is to buy a Bubbler online. Bud Express Now offers top-notch glass bubblers for all of your smoking needs.

The V12 Plus Twisty Blunt Bubbler Kit is perfect for anyone looking for a quality bubbler. This handy device comes from a top brand and makes it easy to enjoy satisfying hits of your favorite cannabis products. It’s small, effective, and even features a removable bottom making it easy to clean.

Want something even smaller? Check out the V12 Mini Twisty Blunt Bubbler Kit. This kit comes with a small glass pipe and glass tube adaptor so you can enjoy some amazingly pure and smooth hits. It’s a fantastic device for any marijuana user.

Why Should You Use A Bubbler?

Although you can consume weed in many ways, there are many reasons why you should consider using a Bubbler. Although rolling joints may seem easy and convenient to some, Bubblers make things even easier as all you have to do is put some weed in the bowl, light, and inhale.

Bubblers offer the convenient portability of Glass Pipes along with the pure and smooth hits of Bongs. Despite their small size, you’ll get some amazingly pure and smooth hits every time you use one of these.

These devices are practical, affordable, and make your smoking experience extremely enjoyable. Although you may also want to buy a Bong or a Pipe, a Bubbler can give you the best aspects of both in one handy device.


Using a Bubbler to smoke weed or dabs is a great way to enjoy the effects of THC. A Bubbler makes it extremely convenient to smoke weed, and you can also use it with your favorite cannabis concentrates for a harder-hitting high. You can find Bubblers online along with plenty of strains of weed and cannabis concentrates at


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