Legalizing Recreational Cannabis in Canada

Legalizing Recreational Cannabis in Canada

There is an update on the status of legalizing recreational cannabis in Canada. Justin Trudeau announced earlier this week that recreational cannabis will be legal as of October 17th. Canadians expected the date to come earlier this summer because of the floating rumors about the date is July 1st. Unfortunately, though, the date was pushed back several times. But now that the government is legalizing recreational cannabis in Canada, the battle is over. Here’s what you need to know.

Recreational weed is legal on Oct. 17

The Prime Minister made the announcement during a question and answer period in the House of Commons a few days ago. He explained the delay as a result of some provinces including Quebec, asking for more time. This time would have been taken to develop regulation of production, distribution and consumption. However, after 7 months of debating, the Senate approved Bill C-45. Also, the Senate dropped an amendment to the bill that many Canadian’s seemed unhappy with. There will not be prohibitions on home cultivation of the marijuana plant. Trudeau and his party seemed very pleased, as they were able to deliver on their biggest campaign promise of 2015.

Differences around the Country

Come October 17th, Canadians will be able to:

-purchase dried or fresh cannabis from a provincially or territorially regulated retailer

-own up to 4 plants at home

-prepare edibles at home

However, there are a lot of differences in details for people around different parts of the country. While some health experts that the legal age be 24 because of the impact of cannabis on brain development, the age is either 18 or 19. This is in line with the legal drinking age between provinces. In addition to the age of legal consumption differing across the country, there are also major differences in where you can smoke. For example, it is completely illegal to smoke anywhere except for on your own private property in Ontatio. But, in Nunavut, you are only allowed to smoke in areas where Tobacco can be smoked. To see more on the differences between smoking restrictions across the country, refer to this table.

How to Celebrate Legalization

Legalizing recreational cannabis in Canada calls for a celebration. You can celebrate by educating yourself and others in the change in laws, helping to shift the stigma around cannabis, and of course, using the herb.

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