How to Make a Pipe at Home

How to Make a Pipe at Home

Sometimes when you’re in a bind, it’s good to know how to make a pipe at home. Us stoners are resourceful and creative folk, ready to take on a challenge whenever it arrives. Especially if the prize is getting to smoke a glorious bud. If you have ever had your weed ready to go only to realize you don’t have rolling papers, a pipe and your buddy borrowed your bong- this is for you. Making a bong/pipe at home is cheap, easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. Read on to find out how some household items can be transformed.

Apple Pipe

The most classic homeade pipe is made from your mom’s favourite healthy snack- an apple! All you need to make an apple pipe is an apple, a metal coat hanger, a pen and some marijuana. You can watch a video tutorial by Herb here. First, remove the stem from the top of the apple, and a stick your coat hanger through that hole- but not all the way to the bottom. Then, use the pen to poke a hole that points downwards. This hole is your mouth piece and needs to intersect with the first one you made. Light your bud that sits at the top of the apple and you’re all set.

Pen Pipe

Are you looking to make a pipe at home that requires almost no effort? Look no further than the pen pipe. All you need is a pen that has a metal coned piece instead of a plastic one. Unscrew the pen and take all of its insides out. Then, turn the cone upside down (pointy part into the hole), and fill the bowl like opening with weed. But be careful not to tip over this fragile and unstable bowl!

Candy Pipe

Making a candy pipe is easiest with candies that be squished together into a rectangular shape. Our recommendation is Starburst candy. Stack at least 8 candies on top of each other and use a pen or something else that is long and sharp and poke a hole all the way through. Then make a shallow bowl at the top (ideally between the first and second candy) where you’ll put your weed. Make sure the hole intersect and you’re all set.

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