Marijuana for Sleep Top Indica Strains to Help With Insomnia

Marijuana for Sleep: Top Indica Strains to Help With Insomnia

If you’re struggling with insomnia or simply have a hard time sleeping, you might want to try marijuana for sleep. Not only does it help relax your entire body, but marijuana also naturally reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, some of the most common contributing factors to poor sleep. It also has hypnotic and sedating effects which can help you get a deep and restful night of sleep.

However, not all strains are ideal for helping you sleep. For example, sativa strains often stimulate your mind and give you a burst of energy that might even make it harder to sleep. Indica strains are usually the best choice for helping you sleep- these strains offer calming effects for your mind and body that can tackle all kinds of sleep problems. Here are some of the top indica strains to help with insomnia. 


If you need a strain to help you sleep, then Zedd is one of the best choices. This rare and enigmatic pure indica strain is known for having high THC levels. As such, smoking even a small amount will give you intense relaxation for your body and mind.

The physically soothing effects will grow throughout your entire body and, soon enough, you’ll find it hard to move or even stay awake. It’s also fantastic for tackling issues such as pain, stress, nausea, headaches, and migraines.

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White Rhino

Another one of the top indica strains to help with insomnia is White Rhino. This powerful, THC-packed strain can help with even the toughest cases of insomnia, as well as helping with a bevy of other physical and mental symptoms.

Within a few hits, you’ll feel deeply relaxed under the influence of White Rhino. It soothes your mind to the point that it’s hard to care or worry about anything. The physical effects are even better, making you feel warm, tingly, and stress-free. It’s known to trigger couch-lock sooner rather than later and is also a great natural sleep aid.

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White Rhino

Shishkaberry Kush

If you’re looking for an indica-dominant hybrid that tastes just as great as it feels, Shishkaberry Kush is a prime choice. This strain is made by crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an Afghani strain, resulting in a hybrid with an intoxicatingly sweet fruity aroma and sensational effects.

Smoking Shishkaberry Kush will boost your mood at first and make you feel happy, giggly, and social. As the uplifting effects start to wear off, you’ll begin to feel much more relaxed and stress-free. Soon enough, you’ll be in a happy and tranquil state that makes it very easy to drift off to sleep.

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Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles is another strain that’s renowned for its taste as well as its effects. The fruity flavor is delicious with hints of strawberry and citrus fruits. Whether you smoke it or vape it, it’s easy to enjoy. As for the effects, it gives you a nice mix of stimulation and relaxation.

When it first hits you, Fruity Pebbles makes you feel happy, creative, and social. However, soon enough the physical effects will kick in, making you feel incredibly calm and relaxed until you’re ready to sleep. It’s not the best strain for instant sedation but if you want an uplifting high that’ll help you sleep in the long-run, Fruity Pebbles is a solid pick.

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Grape Ape

Grape Ape is a popular indica-dominant strain that’s known for its eye-catching purple buds and alluring grape-like scent and taste. If you’re looking for a deeply relaxing strain that can help you wash away any stress or tension at the end of the day, then Grape Ape is worth the purchase.

You’ll get a strong body high when you smoke Grape Ape. Whether you’re trying to tackle pain and inflammation or wash away anxiety, Grape Ape can help. Sooner or later you’ll feel tranquil enough to fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed. It can also help with various other symptoms such as anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches, and migraines.

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Grape Ape


Romulan takes its name from an alien race in Star Trek due to its out-of-this-world effects. If you’re looking for a deep, spacey, and introspective high, Romulan is a great choice. Not only will it calm your mind and wash away any stress or anxiety, but it’s also a fantastic indica strain for sleep and relaxation.

A few hits of this strain can help calm you physically and counteract any feelings of pain or tension. As well as being good for counteracting pain, it’s also a top indica strain for tackling insomnia and sleep problems. The physically and mentally calming effects make it much easier to fall asleep, making it great for nighttime use.

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God’s Gift

This potent indica strain can help with all kinds of ailments. God’s Gift is a cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple- two great strains that combine to make one of the best indica strains for relaxation and sleep.

God’s Gift will rapidly give you an intensely relaxing physical high, washing over your body with soothing tingles until you’re completely calm and free of tension. It can also take away stress and anxiety, although it’ll often leave you hungry. Naturally, this is a great strain for combating insomnia. It can also help with pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

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Purple Kush

Purple Kush is another one of the best marijuana strains for sleep. This strain is descended from the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains and packs a potent punch for users seeking deep relaxation and calming effects.

Smoking Purple Kush will relax your entire body as well as your mind. The high is often compared to painkillers or opiates due to how strong and long-lasting it is. It’s often used for painful conditions for its ability to tackle even severe and chronic pain, but it’s also a top choice for tackling insomnia as it makes it incredibly easy to sleep. The dank and earthy taste also makes it a pleasure to use.

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