Can Marijuana Make You A Better Athlete?

Can Marijuana Make You A Better Athlete?

There is some evidence to support that toking up might make you a better athlete. The first image in your head when you hear the word stoner might be a video game playing couch potato. But it might be time to stick an Olympian in there too. It’s important to note that there is still some debate as to whether cannabis is truly a performance enhancing drug. That said, it is still a major no for Olympians to use cannabis during their competition season, or they can risk suspension or medal loss. In 1998, Ross Rebagliati was the first athlete to ever have his medal taken away after testing positive in a urine test for THC. Not surprisingly, he now owns a very successful medical marijuana company. Read on to find out how some of top athletes use THC to train and increase performance.

Top Athletes Are Using Cannabis For Greater Athletic Performance

In an interview with Men’s Journal, triathlon athlete Clifford Drusinsky says that THC is an important part of his training. “Marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditational place,” says Drusinsky. “When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.” He doesn’t get high for any of his races though, since it is illegal in most competitions among many states. One of Drusinky’s clients, John Hunt, says he can work out for longer if he’s high. Avery Collins, a 25-year-old marathoner also says that he takes THC in the form of edibles before training. In an interview with The Guardian, Collins says instead of slowing him down like people might think, THC enhances his entire experience.

The Science Of Marijuana And Exercise

There is not currently a lot of available research on the subject because of most current government policies on cannabis. But because of the experiences of many athletes, we have some solid info. Weed is commonly recognized for its incredible anti anxiety benefits, and it’s no surprise that this might make someone a better athlete. Athlete’s use THC to relax before or after training, to have a better night’s sleep and improve their general sense of well being. Cannabis can also increase impulsive reactions. This might make some athlete’s take risks and push themselves in way’s that they otherwise wouldn’t. Of course, marijuana is also a natural pain killer. Last year a movement in football circles started asking whether weed should be prescribed to NFL players instead of painkillers. You can read a detailed article about this on the Washington Post.


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