Medical Marijuana and Dogs

Medical Marijuana and Dogs

More and more people are using cannabidiol (CBD) on their dogs to treat a multitude of ailments. As Canada and a growing number of states legalize marijuana, more pot is being marketed towards pets. Dog owners are reporting cannabis can relieve anxiety and chronic pain. They are not smoking it or eating whole buds, but there is still a growing debate on how safe the practice is.

Is prescribing pot for pets legal?

There have been no clinical trials yet on the effects of cannabis on pets. However, the number of people giving cannabis-infused products to their pets continues to grow. Canadians can legally buy pot with a doctors prescription, but no vets can legally prescribe it for pets. Pet owners have to use their own discretion before administering edibles, oils or other cannabis-infused products to their dogs.

Is using marijuana on pets safe?

A lot of pet owners turn to cannabis after all other medications and treatments have been exhausted without success. It’s important to note that because none of these “for pets products” have any THC in them, the animals do not experience any sort of high. Instead, the active ingredient is either CBD or hemp, which has pain and anxiety-relieving effects. Dr. Rob Silver, a vet from Colorado has published a book to give pet owners the right information before administering pot to their fuzzy friends.

Where can I buy cannabis products for my pet?

Because domesticated animals like cats and dogs also have endocannabinoid systems, CBD oil can treat certain ailments without toxic effects. However, it is crucial to note that pets cannot tolerate the same amount of CBD that humans can. Cannabis Care is a Canadian company that offers a slave and a couple types to tinctures for pets. Canna-Pet has a different line of hemp filled treats and edibles for dogs, cats and even horses. More and more dispensaries are including pot for pets products, making purchasing possible offline as well.

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