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Mike Tyson is Opening a Weed Playground

“Tyson Ranch” by Mike Tyson will be a 40-acre farm and resort in California for all things marijuana. California legalized the recreational use of pot on Jan. 1 2018. And many people expect it will be the “world’s largest market for legalized recreational marijuana. Tyson is capitalizing on the new market in a pretty epic way.

Major focus on CBD research

Marijuana can successfully treat Pain, depression and anxiety. As a result, one of the main focuses of the ranch will be towards CBD research. Most noteworthy, the research is aimed to help veterans suffering from PTSD. However, other ailments will be treated as well. Dr. Mike Hart has been treating patients suffering from PTSD successfully for many years now.  The farm is a short drive away from the Edwards Air Force Base. Men and women that have served will benefit from the convenient location.

Mayor of California City loves the idea

The stoners playground will be in California City located in Northern California with a population of about 14,000. Jennifer Wood, the city’s mayor attended the opening ceremony and said the ranch would “rebirth” the town. The ranch is predicted to boost the economy with pot related business.

What does a Cannabis Resort include?

Tyson Holistic’s will be operating the resort that has dedicated 20 acres of land to the cultivation of cannabis. Mike Tyson is a long time advocate for medical marijuana, so the ranch will also include the Tyson Cultivation School. Here, growers will learn all of the newest and best methods for marijuana growth. In addition, there will also be an edible factory, cabins and an amphitheater. Fully equipped to serve as a marijuana paradise and vacation spot, Tyson Ranch is any stoners dream.



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