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Your New Favourite Edibles By Ed & Bills

Your search for the best tasting convenient edibles is officially over thanks to Ed & Bills. The candy company recently launched a whopping 25 flavour options for you to enjoy, and 21 you can get with us at BXN. These 5-cent a piece candy styles will leave you glassy eyed thinking of your childhood. All of the absolute best classics are available. Sour Keys, Coca-Cola Bottles, Peach Rings, Sour Poppers, Gummy Worms and more sugar coated wonders. Each factory sealed bag holds 200 mg of THC goodness. With 20 pieces per bag, each one has packed a nice 10 mg in it. And as if this wasn’t good enough, the candies are also made with distillate.

Edibles With Cannabis Distillate

No other cannabis extraction method produces the same level of purity. Distillation requires advanced machinery to make and is the “top-shelf” cannabis extraction product. So, we recommend that every marijuana enthusiast enjoy the quality of edibles that include it in its ingredients list.

Microdosing THC

These goodies follow the standard dosing size of 10 mg per piece. A clear understanding of dose and potency ensures you can achieve the high you are hoping for. You don’t run the risk of getting too high, making this a safe and reliable option. As as absolute beginner to cannabis, we recommend that you first start with a half dose of 5 mg. Split your candy of choice in half, wait 30 minutes and see how you feel. You’ll likely experience the effects that pot is most famous for within this time. A slight head buzz, pain and anxiety relief and a nice case of the munchies. Even vey experienced marijuana users can enjoy the benefits of microdosing. For most, it improves mood, creativity and focus.

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