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What is Pink Kush?

Pink Kush is one of the best strains on the market for a long lasting and powerful body high. While this cannabis strain is related to the well known and powerful OG Kush, it has gained popularity for its own prominent effects. This indica-dominant hybrid is so potent, is doesn’t need to be taken in large doses. Therefore, even as an experienced user, smoking just one joint worth of BudExpressNOW’s Quad Pink Kush would create a high with very strong effects.


Who should use Pink Kush?

The strain is highly recommended for those suffering from pain, insomnia and appetite loss due to depression and anxiety. Most notably, it has been used to effectively treat chronic pain post brain and spinal surgery.  The indica to sativa ratio is considered to be as high as 90:10, making it the ideal product for anyone looking for prominent physical results. It is recommended to treat headaches and migraines and only takes a very small dose to work.


What is the high like?

Muscle relaxation is the most common, and most notable effect. Many users have reported feeling calm and pain free after only a few tokes. In addition to relaxation, other prominent feelings include happiness, sleepiness, euphoria and hunger. Pink Kush is best when taken at night in a calm environment. Common side effects include dry mouth, intense munchies and a case of the giggles.  


Why is Pink Kush considered special?

Bright pink hairs can be seen sprouting through the thick, almost glittering trichomes on the light green buds. The aroma has been described as candy like with hints of vanilla, which makes smoking it very enjoyable. Growers have to wait a lengthy 10-12 weeks for the buds to flower, but its potency makes it worth the wait.


Good value for the price

This powerful strain does not need to be taken in large quantities. It is also very slow to mold, making it an ideal product to last over a long period of time. Pink Kush is easily one of the best buds for your buck.

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