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New York Democratic Party is Adding Weed Legalization to Platform

The New York Democratic Party is adding weed legalization to their platform. On May 19th, The New York Post announced the party’s support for marijuana legalization. The party plans to announce the news during the two day event being held on May 23rd and 24th. This news will be central to the event. The draft platform read “WANT TO HIGHLIGHT THIS” in all caps and bolded letters, indicating clearly that this will be a big and important topic to discuss. Seems like the Democrats want you to get as excited as they are about going pro-pot. And the most recent polls say that majority of us are. A Quinnipiac University Poll released in early May shows that 63 per cent of American’s support marijuana legalization. Read on to find out more about the front-runners for New York City’s governor, and their opinions of marijuana.

Why the New York City Democrats are Going Pro-Pot

The decision to push legalization came shortly after governor nominee Cynthia Nixon endorsed legalizing pot. The former Sex and the City actress is the primary challenger to the party’s current governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo was opposed to marijuana legalization up until last year. He went far enough once to call marijuana a gateway drug, but still signed a bill allowing for medical marijuana. However, Nixon has been a hard supporter for years. Recently in an interview with Forbes she said that people of colour should get “first dibs” at obtaining licences for selling cannabis. Why? Because cannabis arrests impact minorities disproportionately harder than anyone else. She’s been framing legalization as a civil rights issue, and that that it should act as a form of reparations. Nixon is betting that enough left-minded New Yorkers that are unhappy with Cuomo. And that more that enough people are ready to support weed legalization.

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