Outdated Stoner Stereotypes to Drop

Most Outdated Stoner Stereotypes to Drop

There are some seriously outdated stoner stereotypes to drop and abandon forever. Some don’t apply anymore and some were simply never true to begin with. Dropping your belief in stereotypes about stoners, and all other types of people grouped together, is a fantastic way to grow. This allows you you the opportunity to truly see people as individuals instead of as the person you think they are. You now have a better chance to get to know someone and make a connection. It also totally makes you less of jerk.

Stoners are Lazy and Stupid

An overwhelming amount of people hold the belief that cannabis users are dumb and unmotivated people. Interestingly though, some of the most successful people in history have been pro-pot. Not only was marijuana a significant part of many of these people’s lives, some of them actually attribute the herb to some of their success. Yes, a strong indica strain might put you to sleep. That’s why us smart stoners don’t use it when we’re trying to be productive. That’s what sativa is for. This stereotype likely comes from a lack of knowledge of how the cannabis plant works, and how varied the effects of different types are. Hollywood is currently getting schooled here. More people are asking the media to play a more supportive role towards marijuana, instead of feeding into this stereotype.

Stoners Are All Super Laid-Back and Chill

Sure, certain strains of marijuana can relax both the body and mind. And yes, a lot of people have ditched their depression and anxiety medications for medical pot instead. There is tons of research available about this, like this article from TIME Magazine. But by no means are all cannabis users “chill”. At least that is, not without the pot. Cannabis is widely used for its medicinal purposes, and serves as more than just a way to chill out. For some, it is necessary in order for them to survive and perform daily tasks. It’s just another one of those stoner stereotypes that people have held onto, that should probably go.

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