How Does Pot Both Treat and Cause Anxiety?

How Does Pot Both Treat and Cause Anxiety?

Have you ever sat and wondered: how does pot both treat and cause anxiety? Chances are you have people in your life that fall in both categories. However, it is likely that every pot user has experienced one trip that had them feeling paranoid. There are some who swear by weed as a natural and effective way to treat anxiety and anxiety disorders. And other’s that avoid it at all costs because they know that it triggers unwanted anxiety. But how is it possible that the same substance could cause seemingly opposite reactions? How does pot both treat and cause anxiety? Read on to find out.

Weed and the Brain

First, it’s important to understand the role of the amygdala. It’s the part in our brains that processes emotions and urges response. When THC comes into contact with the amygdala, things can either go very well or very badly. If the neural pathways become too excited, the amygdala sends the signal of fear, paranoia and or anxiety. If however, someone’s body is lacking in its own endocannabinoids (since we produce some naturally as well), THC can act as a relaxant. In this case, the cannabinoids in cannabis fill the holes that the brain has created in lack of having enough of its own.

Pre-Existing Anxiety

According to some studies, that frequent cannabis users have higher levels of anxiety. However, researchers believe that this is due partly because many people with anxiety use cannabis as a form of self-medication. This is held in opposition to the belief that medical marijuana leads to anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety is a very hard thing to understand. This is because aneixty can manifest itself in so many ways for different people. There are some common symptoms though, like increased heart rate, sweating and disabilities focusing.

Avoiding Cannabis-Induced Anxiety

If you have had less than pleasant experiences with cannabis and paranoia in the past, we recommend that you try some of these tips.

-Opt for a high CBD strain or even avoid THC altogether

-Make sure you smoke in a setting you are comfortable and familiar with

-Have a stoner buddy who cares about you babysit you on your trip

-Keep a marijuana journal to effectively track what strains and amounts worked well for you and stick to those


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