Bath Bomb by Miss Envy Botanicals

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100% organic THC infused bath bombs, in three lavish scents. Each is a pleasant surprise, handmade with love! 50mg THC per each bomb.

Our THC infused bath bombs are specifically designed for total body relaxation without any psychoactive reactions. One soak exposes your body to 50mg of THC, essential oils and organic ingredients with no artificial scents or colors

Customer Reviews

These are awesome. Me and my girlfriend take a bath together and we each get a nice high. Great for day time use

Oh wow. I love bath bombs but with this I was instantly relaxed. Literally in the bath tub right now. First time I trying one (I bought 2) I had to get on the site right away before I drift away lol great product!

These are SUCH a treat. Highly recommend. I used the whole thing, grabbed a novel and had the best hour-long bath I’ve ever had.

its so relaxing you don’t need a lot I put by pieces in my bath

I got one of these for my GF who is a casual smoker but she totally enjoyed the bath bomb said she had never been so relaxed an peaceful. She already wants another

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