Blue Dream

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All the way from the west coast, Blue dream is a favorite amongst stoners everywhere. The slow-moving high makes it great for newbies and also enjoyable for seasoned users. Once the high has set in, you’ll experience a balanced, full-body high that provides symptom relief without the sedation.

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Customer Reviews

Large, extremely dense buds. Very earthy but pungent aroma, similar to nuken. Very pleased with what I received, would order again.

The high was okay but was cancelled out with the harshness and cotton mouth. I did find it helped me mellow out though.

Blue Dream came through with very dense buds. Taste is reminiscent of watermelon strain.
Looks just like the photo and effects are as described. No fertilizer flavor and perfect curing.
At this price it’s a winner.

Always happy to see Blue Dream back in stock. It’s a top soldier in my arsenal against neuropathic pain(spinal cord injury). Also love the it doesn’t hit me in the head with a hammer like some Sativas. (Grapefruit, I’m looking at you!) Nice tight, sticky buds. Also a shout-out to the BXN gang who went above & beyond the call of duty. A+ customer service.

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