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C-WARP – A widely-grown outdoor strain from Texada Island combining C-Weed and Texada Timewarp, this uplifting strain will leave you with a long-lasting, functional high. Organically grown in the magical Slocan Valley, these sativa-dominant buds are naturally high in CBD, making them an excellent choice for the medical patient. Bright green buds have an old-school taste and smell, with a generous coating of trichomes on the exterior. Ease away aches and pains while lifting the spirits. Recommended for day use.

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Customer Reviews

This is a pretty good and cost effective

This stuff is good. At first I just thought that it was pink lady with another branding because they look very similar but they def smell a bit different and have a different effect. I actually find that this, although maybe a tiny bit more mellow, has a much better overall buzz to it. A very nice budget strain.

The price is amazing and weeds decent. Definite reccomend this if you go through a lot of weed or if you’re making edibles or sometyiny

Best bang for your buck is either this or pink lady, decent quality for an amazing price!

Best bang for your buck is this or pink lady. Decent quality for an amazing price

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