Culture Disposable Vape Pen - Sativa
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Culture Disposable Vape Pen – Indica

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Product description

Culture Vapes brings the perfect blend of convenience and style with their no charge, disposable vape pen. Each Culture Vape comes prefilled with triple distilled liquid shatter to ensure the cleanest smoke. No bigger than a pen, these vapes are perfect for a discrete, odour free experience.

Customer Reviews

I miss this little guy. I should order another one.

I bought one of these vape pens a few months ago to try and it worked good! Funny thing is, the Bud Team told me to just press the button down to make it work….it didn’t have a button and my home care worker said all you have to do is just suck on it to make it work! lol.

You would have thought the Bud Team would have known how to make it work….but not so! Anyway, I will buy this product again…”BUT” I do think the price should be a little lower! If it does come down in price I would surely buy just more than one! I hope they read these comments for the good of the consumer and act on our requests! I will wait and see!

Hands down best disp. vape I have used since Phant first came out with them few years back. Vape density really thick. Battery lasted till chamber was beyond dry. Every hit gives you a good buzz and I am a well seasoned toker. I wont buy anything else. I have found them for cheaper though maybe BXN could package 3 together and come up with better price. Amazing pens!

good stuff . completly smoked with no problem


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