Delush - The Magic Stick

Delush – The Magic Stick – 300mg CBD

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The Magic Stick is formulated to combat all your aches and pain. Our proprietary blend of
carrier and essential oils sync together to open up your pores and pull in all that good stuff,
directly to the problem area. The butters and Vitamin E add extra moisturizing benefits to your
skin and help accelerate wound and scar healing. Scent sound familiar? Liger Balm, like the OG
stuff but updated with extra benefits. We hope this brings back your childhood memories, like it
does ours.
Great for bruising, inflammation, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, back pain, headaches, joint
pain. Can also be used as a chest rub to soothe congestion, and help relieve flu and cold-like



Customer Reviews

This stuff is great. My mom has chronic pain and I got one for her, too. She couldn’t believe how well it has worked for her arthritis. It also isn’t too strong of a smell, (unlike tiger balm).

I have multiple joint arthritis, I have prescription anti inflammatory cream, and get cortisone shots in the really bad joints, no pun intended, I’ve tried cbd gummies 50mg and didn’t work, but this Delush stick works wonders, my first stick was free as part of my golden ticket prize, one of my friends just tried it, and I just ordered them a stick too, highly recommend, hope it works for you too, Thanks BXN love your products and prices

Works very Quick and the back/hip is more tolerable

Works fast and smells great! I gave away my last stick to a friend with chronic neck pain. Now I’ll order 2 at a time

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