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DISTIL8 REFILL POD – Durban Poison

3.00 (2)

distil8 REFILL POD

  • A refill cartridge/Pod that magnetically attaches on to your Bloom Battery
  • THC Oil Extract (0.6G/0.6ML) PER CARTRIDGE/POD.

Battery not included

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Customer Reviews

I would tell you it’s good, but I never got the chance to try it… It was broken when I got it in the mail, but the other pod I got works well!

Hi Eddy,

Thanks for your note and we see that our team here at BXN was able to resolve your issue with the broken pod. Thank you for your support.

amazing high !. whether its a single toke or more.

the only downside , you can’t even visit their two websites offered on the back of the box. it’s like they don’t exist( wanted to see if they had any new upcoming products , but both sites don’t work.) > distil8.ca and boldvapes.ca don’t work. so it’s tough to know what is going on.

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