Dual Silver USB Arc Lighter

Dual Silver USB Arc Lighter

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Product description

A combination of both single arc and heated coil that is impressive to look at, effectively battles against wind, splashing and other elements that you may experience during lighting. Since it’s a plasma lighter, its free from butane and other chemical contamination that can taint your smoking experience. Its also fully rechargeable for your convenience.

Shake Lighter to heat up coil!

Customer Reviews

Ignore the “shake to heat up coil” the lighter is completely operated with the two touch sensitive buttons and the safety switch in the hinge of the lighter. The coil doesn’t do well in very windy situations but the arc works great in them. Coil is a bit small so this lighter will not work for blunt/large joint users and bong/pipe users. Little bit scary when first using it but the lighter looks and feels like it’s expensive.

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