Gas Mask

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This strain gets its name because of its unmistakenly strong smell, a mix between citrus, skunk and gasoline. Gas Mask takes a moment to settle in and once it does, you’re in for a long ride. The high is known to last a long time, so best pace yourself slowly. It’s not unlikely for users to experience psychedelic sensations like time passing slowly and dreamy visuals.

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Customer Reviews

Well cured tasty buds. Didn’t have the pungent aroma as described, but no fertilizer taste and a nice heavy buzz. I would buy this again.

Hit from a bong leaves you with a nice overwhelming head rush that settles down after a bit. The high does take a bit to kick in fully, so it’s easy going. I found it would last for a good 3-4 hours before coming down and waning to smoke again. If you smoke back to back with this it can make your brain mush and make it hard to process anything. I found this was best when watching a movie or a small amount when working on anything. It did make me a little dizzy and i wouldn’t take it for falling asleep since it kind of wakes you up for a couple hours.

Nice fresh buds, good Indica buzz but not as strong as some.

Nice weed.. it tastes good but didnt taste de gasoline in it as much as i expected, smells good.. it makes you catch a nice vibe. 4.5/5 🌲🌲

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