Ice Cream Cake

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Completely flushed with icy trichomes, the buds express light green coloration with dark purple hues throughout. Ice Cream Cake maintains a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough.

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Customer Reviews


It’s so good!

Great strain if you want to move around and do stuff. One of top picks for sure.

I cannot stress how much I loved this strain. I got a half, the bus were /giant/, they smell great and are full of crystals. Immediately regretted only getting a half and am so happy this is back in stock

I expected more from this strain being it priced as one of the most expensive ones I expected it to be pretty potent but it didn’t get me high or barely, was very disappointed even tho the buds looked amazing it did not smoke well, the reason I gave it a 3 is for the amazing looking buds but that’s as how far as it goes.

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