Lemon Jack

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Lemon Jack leaves users with an elevated, euphoric mood and a calm body. This high is strong but won’t weigh you down or make tasks difficult to complete until the tail end of the high. This strain triggers the munchies and ends with a heavy body high for optimal relaxation.

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Customer Reviews

Very good product. I am very, very pleased, in addition to topping my hat off to BXN’s excellent service and prompt delivery.
This strain was very balanced, I felt a nice, calming high that didn’t overwhelm me. My wife, who is not a “pro-smoker” like me, also enjoyed this product. Highly recommend.

Super impressed with Lemon Jack. Though BXN has it listed as an Indica, if you go to Leafly you’ll see it’s a Sativa. Doesn’t hit immediately but suddenly everything seems much more interesting. Played the most fun game of Battleships ever while enjoying LJ. “A palpable hit!”. Just a nice, dreamy cerebral brain float with a subtle melding of the body. No couch lock either. Which is a bonus if you’re like me and drift off during shows.

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