Lemon Walker OG

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Lemon Walker OG is a beautiful and complicated hybrid cross. With front-end parentage that consists of Lemon Skunk and Skywalker OG (Skywalker x OG Kush), this stimulating strain offers a potent cerebral buzz that transplants itself in the body with continued use. With bright notes of citrus and a pungent and slightly fruity undertone brought through by Skywalker, this strain is ideal for those seeking uplifting, mood enhancing effects.

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*comes to the over all effectiveness i gove it a 5 star but flavour and the taste before n after are important 2.5/5 is my official rating * sorry finger slipped and posted before i finished

Its high is nice i imagine it would be good in a tea or as chcolate i didnt like taste or the flavour it left smoking it! Its a potent pleaseant relaxed but focused high i would say it was more like sativa then indica ! I feel it was a perfect balance in between “the two”! When it co.es

alittle harsher quality on inhale but the high is quite relaxing.

Not one of my faves but great earth tones if thats what you like

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