Lime Pie

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Lime Pie, or Key Lime Pie, boasts hints of lime candy, mint and spice. With similar characteristics of the popular Girl Scout Cookies, the relaxing body effects help relieve chronic pain and insomnia.

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Customer Reviews

Smells really good, like lime candy. Fluffy nugs with lots of crystals. Mentally stimulating so could be strong for some. Overall good weed and high, I preferred to smoke this one during the day.

Use with moderation! I rolled a normal joint of this and it messed me up for 4 hours, not a haha I’m baked messed up but a holy oh no, heart racing, need to sort random things in my house or I’ll die. Just when I thought I was coming down from the worst and I could think again it would throw me back into the worst state. It refreshed the extreme 4 times. Even the day after this my mind was numb. I have been smoking every night, bar the week that cannabis inflated the pain of a toothache (got prescribed opiates for that one) and the one day I was waiting for an order to arrive. So I believe my tolerance is fairly high yet lime pie caused me to fear a strain for the first time. Next time I’ll just have a small bowl, a small bowl smoked with absolute moderation.

Flavour 5/10 tasted like average weed from bxn.
Appearance 8.3/10 tight nugs that ground into puffy sparkly grass
Burn 9/10 flower burned evenly, no row boating at all, with a smooth intake.
Smell N.A/10 I can’t remember after what this did to me
High 15/10 No, a rating over 10 is not good for this aspect, a 10 is perfect, this hit perfect then kept going untill I had to sort things to prevent my own death (it felt like that).

Overall I would give this strain a 7/10, a 72% A recommendation to purchase so long as you’re cautious when using.

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