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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid. It is can account for up to 40% of a plant’s extract. It has a calming, head-clearing effect. It also relieves pain and anxiety in a large number of patients.


THC is the principal psychoactive constituent and primary intoxicating factor in Cannabis. The higher the THC content, the higher the intoxication effects. It has multiple uses for both medical and recreational patients.

Product description

  • Nuken – Kish and God Bud are bred to achieve Nuken, a Canadian strain. Its sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs is strong yet smooth. Despite its indica dominance and tendency to relax the body, Nuken also uplifts so users remain functional. Its sage-hued buds are dense and blanketed in crystal resin. Recommended for evening use, to help wind down before bedtime.


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Customer Reviews

Good stuff and for 55 a half O you can’t really go wrong. Smell is earthy/woods like. Buds are nice, light green and amber. Smokes good, not the strongest but its pretty good.

This stuff is great bud. For 99 an O you can’t go wrong. It’s a good deal at 160

Works great for depression with the high THC content. Definitely one of my favorites for uplifting mornings. Use a cheap filler (Pinewarp)
to moderate the intensity. 5 🌟

Really great buds nd have a nice flavour

This is my favorite strain! I really liked the effect that it gave me and I’m rebuying it for sure.

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