Pelican Electric Nail Kit with Quartz Banger Kit

Pelican Electric Nail Kit with Quartz Banger Kit

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The Kit Includes
1 pc Electric nail heater box
1 pc Electric heating coil
1 pc Power cord USA(EU) Plug
1 pc Titanium Nail

Electric Nail Heater Box:

PID controller
USA:110V Split Phase AC Input
EU:220V Split Phase AC Input
Power Grounded”

1 pc Titanium Carb Cap
1 pc User manual
1 pc Unique Pelican Case”

Use Instructions:

1. Plug-in power cord and coil cord into unit

2. Once unit has been plugged in to a power socket, press the power button (silver button) to turn on the unit. Only turn on the unit when the coil is attached to the provided nail securely.

3. The unit is set to automaticlly reach the desired “”low temp”” temperature at 710 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Press & hold the up down & side arrows to select your own desired temperature (100-999 Fahrenheit)

5. Power off unit when not in use.

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Product description

Electric nails, make dabbing concentrates much easier and more precise. You’re able to optimize your experience to the temperature you prefer using MiniNail’s variable heat controller to stabilize the temperature of your dabbing surface. Its digital display in combination with proper calibration allows for consistent temperatures and thus consistent vapor. The stability and control that the MiniNail offers avoids the peaks and valleys of fluctuating temperatures from heating and cooling down your nail. It also maintains fixed to keep you from wasting your dabs as they puddle when your nail is too cold to vaporize.

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