Pure CBD Isolate

Pure CBD Isolate (99.5%)

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• Strong Relief for Pain & Inflammation
• Alleviate Daily Stress & Anxiety
• Non-Psychoactive (No High)

A very potent form of CBD treatment for daily pains, inflammation, anxiety, as well as serious chronic illnesses. CBD Move is non-psychoactive and will not leave you with a ‘high’.

Dab, Eat/Drink, Sublingual or Mix into Cannabis

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0.5g per container

Customer Reviews

works good but wish it came with a mini spoon or something lol. i got small hands but this was awkward to handle because of how small it is.

if there was a much larger container available i’d definitely go for it. 100% worth every penny.

Its works amazing back and my hands inflammation but i wish it came in bigger amounts

So little to relieve so much.

10+yrs of Leg -dominated chronic lower back pain & I love this stuff.
I only wish I could order large amounts, maybe a 1g & 2g options?

Ive been on morhpene for 23 years , for damaged nerve , and a couple dabs under tounge , took alot of pain away , its pretty good

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