Quantum Extracts Shatter - Pineapple ExpressQuantum Extracts Shatter - Pineapple Express

Quantum Extracts Shatter – Pineapple Express

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I tried putting a small amount of the shatter on a small peace of hash. I mixed both together and smoked it in my pipe. Before I even finished the pipe. I started to get so high and after I finished the pipe. WOW I felt like I was back in the 70’s. When the oil’s and hash and weed were so good that one joint or pipe would get 5-6 people really high. I will be buying more much more. Thanks so much for this product.


glad its back, got the order its awesome thumbs up BXN

and yeah the high wont get u to sleep, its rly great

ordered somme… didnt get it yet have high expectation from comments, but why say on sale if u cant buy more than 1G thats not on sale at all


Thank you for taking the time to leave us your comment on our website. We value your feedback and appreciate the time you took to let us know.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we don’t have enough stock that’s why you’re not able to order more than 1G. Please do check back in about 2 weeks for new inventory. Thank you for understanding.

Ordered 2 grams of this. Can’t get enough of it. I don’t use a dab rig but put a few pieces on top of a bowl of bud and it’ll melt into the bud and make for an amazing high. Smooth and great tasting! Recommend!!

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