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Sovrin Battery and Charger Pack

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Product description

Cartridge not included

With capacitive touch technology the battery is controlled by tapping it with your finger.

  • To turn it on: tap the tip 5x
  • To turn it off: tap the tip 5x
  • To change the Power Mode: tap the tip 3x
  • Low: Purple Medium: Teal     High: Cyan
  • To enter Session Mode: tap the tip 4x

Session mode continuously heats the coil so you can clear any blockages in your device. Simply enter Session Mode and then suck hard until you feel the air obstruction removed.

Works with any tip that uses a 510 Connector.

Simple and easy to use, it plugs into any USB charging port to allow you easy charging for your ClearStick Battery. Wall Plug not included.


Customer Reviews

“The CLEARSTICK V2 is the simplest, most easy to use device on the market. Simply attach the tip to the battery and the device is ready for use. There are no buttons or on/off feature. so to use the device just suck through the mouthpiece and enjoy. The LED light at the bottom will glow to indicate the device is in use. As a safety feature the battery will temporarily turn off after 10s of use”

That is the the direct text that is cut off in the photo.

This is a regular 510 battery, and usb charger with a cheap case and foam insert. That being said it’s alright, just needlessly expensive for when all you get extra is a case. Where as these usually cost maybe 20 dollars tops.

The Sovrin vape carts are top notch, Pre-98 Bubba Kush tastes exactly like Bubba Kush from Budexpress.

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