Sugar Cookies

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Sugar Cookies:

Sugar Cookie is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid with an aromatic sweetness that is likely to have influenced this strain’s name. You might think this hybrid belongs in the same family as the famed Girl Scout Cookies, but its genetics say otherwise. Sugar Cookie is a three-way cross between Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star, together passing on the resinous qualities of a Northern Lights ancestor along with tropical fruit and berry flavors. Your new favorite midnight snack may just be this indica Sugar Cookie, as it delivers a deep, full-body calm before lulling you into deep sleep.

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Customer Reviews

Tasty stuff mouth never gets dry flavorlike citrus suger great for day or after a meal

Amazing strain, quality buds, awesome smell and amazing purple throughout nugs. Great high and pretty long lasting, it’s by far BXN’s top 3 strains

The last time I ordered this strain it was pretty dry and harsh but after a day or two in a jar with a Boveda pack made a big difference, the taste was better then any Girlscout Cookies I got from any site and the high was a bit stronger then the Girlscout Cookies that BXN had at the time and was almost half the price. The price is a little higher this time but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

This was great tasting and a great high

Great relaxing body high that looms you in a nice calm high. Great strain! Recommend for sure

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