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CO2 Extracted, 560-600mg THC/1g syringe.

  • THC Cannabis Oil/ Phoenix Tears/ Rick Simpson Oil by Miss Envy Botanicals
  •  100% decarboxylatedorganic cannabis-basedTHC oil in an easy to use oral syringe.

Each batch of hemp is 100% organic, locally farmed and lab tested. Take orally.

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THC is used in herbal medicine as  a treatment for depression, anxiety, epilepsy, nausea,chronic pain and many other ailments

Customer Reviews

I have serious back pain and find it very difficult to get to sleep. This stuff works great, finally got some sleep. Highly recommend this.

This is good stuff.

This is just absolutely incredible. for illnesses, or just convenience, this stuff is seriously gonna change your life. i make everyone i know try it, and they all love it!! except one person who got too high… this stuff is super super strong so start small, just a small drop will do! also the best value for a high u can find lol

the best edible concentrate on the whole site, most bang for your buck, and they are not joking when they say 500 plus mg, a whole syringe will toss you into a warm cuddly black hole that you cannot fight your way out of. truly psychedelic and powerful

Awesome product! If you want to sleep this is what you need 😉 or even if your looking for a good body high, excellent product all the way !!! Start small!! POTENT

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