Resetting Your Weed Tolerance

If you’re not getting high the way you used to, it’s time to consider resetting your weed tolerance.  Regular cannabis will generally see some fluctuations in how much bud it takes them to get high. But, some stoners have to break the bank just to maintain a buzz. You may have some luck will switching up your usual strain or consumption method from time to time. If you’re considering taking a “tolerance break” read on to find out how to make it as effective as possible.

The research on cannabis tolerance

A study done at the National Institute of Mental Health found that taking a break from marijuana is really all it takes to reverse a cannabinioid buildup. They found that reducing the amount consumed or abstaining completely left consumers with more noticeable and psychoactive effects of cannabis.

How to take a tolerance break

Of course, the best way to reset, is to take a total break from cannabis. This gives your body a chance to clear out some cannabinioids. However, we understand that for medical and personal reasons, cutting weed out completely might not be possible for you. Instead, try rolling smaller joints and hitting smaller bowls and really stay conscious and in tune with how you body and mind feels. There isn’t a set period of time that will work for everyone. For most though, even just a few days away from marijuana is enough to feel some serious effects during the next sesh.

Other important tips

You may have chosen to take a break to experience a stronger high, save money, prepare for a drug test or a job interview. Whatever the reason may be, there are other things that you can do to help your body flush out naturally. You’ll want to stay extremely hydrated, eat well, exercise and stay positive. It’s also important to remember to take it slow when returning back to the bud.  Don’t try smoking the same amount you’re used to, or you’ll risk getting too high. The whole point is to lower your weed tolerance to get high off of less!


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