How to roll the craziest joints

How to Roll the Craziest Joints

Rolling a perfect, slow-burning, smooth joint is truly a fine art. But someone, somewhere, decided at some point that the art of rolling could be intensely enhanced. And from there, specialty joints were rolled. Some are such experts at rolling these crazy joints that they’ve been able to create whole careers out of it. Tony Greenhand is considered to be the world’s best joint roller and after scrolling through his Instagram, we definitely agree. One of our favourites is this joint he made that’s shaped like Mike Tyson.

So while we can’t all be experts like Greenhand, we can sharpen our rolling skills and take a crack at some popular special rolls.

Cross Joint

Pineapple Express is a stoner classic film featuring James Franco and Seth Rogan. In it, there’s an epic scene where they roll a cross joint (that Seth actually rolls himself). To roll one of your own, you’ll need a strain of your favourite weed ground, large rolling papers, small rolling papers, a needle, scissors and a small piece of cardboard or card stock. For a video tutorial, click here.

1. First use the large papers to roll a J that’s larger (in terms of its thickness) than you would usually, leaving of a bit of empty twist at the top. Cut your cardstock to be 2.5 inches long and half an inch wide and then roll it into a cylinder.

2. Next, roll a thin joint that will cross over your fat doobie. The thinner you can manage to make it, the easier it will be to put together. Like the last one, leave an empty twisty but at the top.

3. Use your needle or pit to poke a hole three-quarters of the way from the bottom of your fat joint. Once the pin is in, you’ll “work the hole wider” as Seth Rogan says, but no wider than your thin joint.

4. Now poke a hole midway through your thin joint, and remember that without this step,

you won’t be able to actually pull from your special J.

5. Slowly push the thin joint through the hole you made in the big joint and grab two more rolling papers and scissors. Cut the glue part off of the papes and wraps them around the areas where the thin joint crosses the big one. 6. Grab your lighter and get the party started!

Braided Joint

Take a deep breath and believe in your self… and then read the steps below. To achieve this specialty roll, you’ll need three king-sized paper, glue strips (cut from the edge of rolling papers), filters, a grinder, and of course your bud of choice. For a video tutorial for making this joint, click here.

1. To begin, grind your weed to fine texture and prep your filters so that they are ready when you need them.

2. Next, you’ll begin to roll your first joint. Aim to make this one quite loose and thin- this way, the actual braiding of the joints will be easier. If your j is stubby and very fat there is little flexibility for moving and manipulating the joint.

3. Use your next two king size papers and repeat step number two. Try to make them all as similar in shape as possible for the easiest braiding experience.

4. Take each joint individually and roll them between your fingers with the intention of loosening them up a bit. Don’t be afraid to bend and shape them a bit, but not with so much force that you destroy one and have to roll another.

5. Take one of your glue strips and attach your three joints together in a triangle formation (one joint between and in front of the other two).

6. Now it’s time for the actual braiding to begin. Bring one of the outside joints behind the middle one, and then repeat with the other joint. Continue with this motion until you have braided up as far as you can go.

7. The top of the papers should be empty (if they aren’t, you can remove a bit of weed from the top of each one) so that you can twist them all together to make lighting a breeze.


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