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Does getting Stoned make Sex, Sexier?

If there was something that could up your libido and also increased your level of sexual pleasure, would you be interested? Sure you would! We’ve got the research to back up that your friend Mary Jane should join in on your next sexual adventure. Both cannabis and alcohol are commonly said to increase sexual experience, and it just so happens that they are the most accessible substances on the market. We’ve all come across all sorts of lofty claims like weed being an aphrodisiac and that red wine can boost testosterone levels and improve performance. But what if these lofty claims were more than that and really could deliver?! Unlike sex-enhancing drugs, the experience of getting high can be a sexy process and experience in of itself. It’s an activity that you and your partner (or partners) can include as part of your foreplay. Whether that means having a sexy baking session of bud packed cookies or taking a toke and sharing a shotgun kiss. We’re getting to the bottom of this!

Does getting stoned make sex, sexier?

Weed & Sex Tips

In an interview for Thrillist, Chelsea Cebera, a weed and sexpert shared tons of useful tidbits and facts from research related to the effects of weed on sex. She stresses the importance of choosing the right strain since it could make or break your encounter. With the right bud you’re floating on cloud 9 and with the wrong one, sex is the last thing on your mind. “If you smoke a strain that is the wrong one for you, you can become nauseated, uncomfortable, and that’s not what you want. The right strain is going to make you more aware of your body. This is really important. You want something that’s not going to be too foggy, something that won’t cause you anxiety. Good strains for sex are ones that maintain mental clarity while giving you a relaxing body high,” Cebera said. The expert says that in her experience, Indica tends to do the job better than a Sativa strain would.

Her top recommendations for buds to use in the bedroom (or wherever else you’re planning to get down) are:

Pink Pez

Another super useful tip that she shares is to be careful not to get too high. There’s a fine line between being high enough to feel floaty and more sensitive to sensation versus being so high that you end up in a couch lock or suddenly disinterested in what you had set out to do. She urges that you stay away from edibles unless you are very experienced with them and know exactly how you will react to them. Because the effects of edibles are quite delayed and them being difficult to dose, it leaves you with a lot of variables to consider. And remember, if you do end up getting too high, you can counteract the psychoactive effects of THC with some pure CBD.

Ashley Manta is another prominent voice on the topic. She’s a commonly sought after educator and professional sex coach and cannabis enthusiast. Her brand and company CannaSexual® exists to help people mindfully use cannabis as a tool to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. In an article published last year for Tonic, Manta says that in her opinion, the biggest benefit to using weed for sex is that it has the power to pull people out of their heads and into their bodies in the present moment. Like Cebera, she also mentions that the biggest downfall is the risk of overconsumption that can lead to anxiety and a decrease in sexual performance and a loss of sexual excitement.

A doctor who once oversaw clinical trials of Viagara and other pills designed to amp up someone’s sex life is now trying to improve the sex lives of women specifically. Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan is an American doctor who specializes in sexual disorders. He is currently working with a startup to create a natural product that uses cannabis to give the ladies of the world the pleasure they so deserve. Nathan became passionate about this field after having spent so much time working for and researching drugs for erectile dysfunction that focuses exclusively on man’s sexual pleasure. In an interview with the Boston Blobe, the doctor mentions that both genders experience sexual dysfunction and both deserve equal access to resources.

So what is the product exactly? Is it a pill just like Viagara or Cialis, but designed for women? It’s a lot more interesting and hands-on than that actually- it’s a cannabis-infused gel to be applied prior to intercourse. As odd as it might seem, there is tons of evidence to prove that this lube could really change a woman’s sexual experience.

Some Research…

Research done in 2017 at Stanford University found that cannabis users have more frequent sex. The survey included over 50,000 participants over a 4-week study, which revealed that marijuana use is associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair

sexual function. On many occasions among many studies, cannabis has been linked to reducing pain and anxiety, and so thereby, cannabis can reduce sex-related pain and sex-related anxiety.

But like all of the other experts mentioned in this article, Nathan also shares that cannabis is only effective when it is dosed properly. “The evidence is that in lower doses, cannabis enhances sexual function, and at extremely high doses, it may have a detrimental effect,” he said. At this time, the cannabis gel is set to include both CBD and THC.


Talk to your partner about shaking things up a little bit and choose your favorite way to consume cannabis and do it together. Remember that solid communication is the foundation of a successful and enjoyable sexual. Be with your partner about your needs and seek out professional advice when necessary. Happy lovemaking!


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