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Like a Local: Smoking Weed In Other Countries

Learn how to smoke weed in other countries and feel like a local. Countries from coast to coast all have different methods to harvest and smoke pot. Even in countries where there are strict rules against it. Use this guide to get an idea of what you might expect while travelling or smoking while smoking up with new friends. You might just be inspired to change up your ritual!

United Kingdom

Great Britain set the prohibition against marijuana all the way back in 1928, even before the states. To this day, growing, selling and using cannabis is illegal. You can also expect a knock on your door from the police if they are tipped off that you’re blazing in- even in your own home.  However, that sure hasn’t stopped the locals from exploring and using bud medicinally and recreationally. The cost of weed is quite high in the U.K at about $15 CAD per gram. Locals say that this is partially why they opt to roll tobacco into their joints. Some also say that rolling in some tobacco will make for a smoother and slower burning joint. British stoners also say that having a sharp and easily concealable grinder like this one is a staple.


Anything marijuana related is extremely illegal in Russia. Bud wasn’t mainstream among locals until the 1970’s and only really gain momentum after communism fell in the 1990’s. Surprisingly though, you’ll be able to bring marijuana into the FIFA World Cup this year being held in Russia, with the right documents. You aren’t likely to see Russian’s rolling or smoking joints. Instead, the most common method is to empty the tobacco out of cheap and unfiltered cigarettes and refill them with cannabis.


Weed has been noted in Indian culture for the last 4,000 years. The country made cannabis illegal in 1985, but hasn’t seen much of a decrease in use, perhaps because it is already too engrained in the culture and its people. Believe it or not, one of the most common ways to use pot to get high is to drink it. The mix is called ‘bhang’ and is a  a combination of pot, nuts, spices, sugar and milk. While this is a very popular method, you can still smoke your bud in India like in other countries instead of drinking it.

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