5 Stoner Hacks to Up Your Cannabis Game

Everyone knows true stoners are the most resourceful people when it comes to cannabis. Not a pinch of marijuana is wasted, weed smells are undetectable, and – despite a shortage in supplies – the smoke must go on! If you’re looking to boost your cannabis game, here are some helpful high life hacks. Use them to kick your personal sessions up a notch, or show them off and impress your friends!


Honey makes a blunt burn slower

Forget spitting on your finger and smearing saliva on the edge of your joint or blunt! Use a dab of honey in its place to help it burn slower or more evenly. It’ll taste amazing and it’s a lot less disgusting. If you coat the entire skin of your rolled spliff or blunt in honey before smoking, the effects are that much more awesome! You can even go a step further by dipping the honey-glazed stick in freshly ground marijuana and popping it in the oven for 5 minutes. Once it’s cooled off, you can enjoy the sweet, sweet treat.


Almost any fruit or vegetable can be made into a pipe

The mechanics of a pipe are pretty simple. There’s the bowl (the part that holds the bud), filter (the part that filters the weed so you don’t inhale it in chunks), mouthpiece (the part you put your mouth on), and sometimes a choke or carb (the tiny hole you uncover to clear the bowl). If you know about these parts, you can fashion a pipe out of almost anything. Fruit or vegetables are usually not far from reach and pretty easy to puncture holes into, so grab your nearest apple or carrot and get crafty.


Pick up spilled weed with nylons and a vacuum cleaner

Everybody hates the guy who drops the weed. Don’t worry–you can redeem yourself with this lifesaver of a trick. Wrap a pair of nylons or a clean sock over the mouth of your vacuum cleaner and do a once-over on your spilled cannabis. You should have no problem collecting your marijuana off the fabric and your brownie points for being the most clever person in the rotation.


Make smoking indoors smell like fresh laundry

A spoof is a tool that filters weed smoke to make its scent less noticeable. It’s perfect for smoking indoors or whenever/wherever you’re paranoid! Simply take an empty toilet or paper towel roll, cover one end with a dryer sheet using a rubber band, and stuff a few more on the inside of the tube. If you exhale your smoke through the open end, it’ll smell like fresh laundry! If you’re a real keener, pick up aquarium filter refill from the nearest pet store. It’s made of carbon, and neutralizes odours well. Wrap some of it in a dryer sheet before popping it into your spoof. You’ll be amazed at how well it masks the smell of marijuana!


Use a bobby pin as a roach clip

If you hate chucking a roach too early, there are plenty of products to help you smoke the tiny joint or blunt without burning your fingers. But there’s really no need for fancy schmancy roach clips! You can use a simple bobby pin to hold a roach while you finish it off!

What are your favourite stoner hacks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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