Purple Candy Strain Review

Strain Review: Purple Candy

Need an enjoyable hybrid strain that helps you relax, boosts your mood and gives you some sensationally sweet-tasting smoke? Purple Candy might just be the perfect strain for you. This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps that has plenty of pros both for recreational and medical users.

Purple Candy provides an amazing high without being too overpowering. Whether you’re looking to soothe pain and reduce stress or simply kick back and enjoy your evening, it’s always a stellar choice. So what exactly should you expect from this strain, what benefits does it offer, and how does it taste? Here’s our strain review of Purple Candy.

Purple Candy Effects

Purple Candy is an indica-dominant strain with THC levels of around 15-18%. Users looking for an enjoyable, calming high will love the effects of this strain, especially as it provides soothing effects for both the body and the mind without being too extreme.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you smoke Purple Candy is the uplifting mental effects. It swiftly gives you an enjoyable head buzz that washes away your stress and makes you feel happy and giggly. Social users will love sharing this strain with friends as it makes it easier to be open and chatty.

The physical effects are also incredibly enjoyable. Purple Candy gives you warm tingles throughout your entire body, relieving you of tension and making it exceptionally easy to just kick back and relax. Eventually, you’re going to feel too lazy to move and you’ll also find it easy to sleep. However, it isn’t overly sedating compared to some high-THC indica strains.

The best time to use Purple Candy is in the evening. Users looking to destress after work are sure to enjoy the soothing high it induces. Users looking for a mellowing strain to help them relax and enjoy social situations will also enjoy Purple Candy. You might want to avoid during the daytime if you’re planning to be productive as it can make you lazy and unfocused.

Purple Candy Medical Benefits

Purple Candy Medical Benefits

As well as being an enjoyable strain for recreational purposes, Purple Candy also offers a range of medical benefits. Users looking to relieve physical issues will particularly enjoy the soothing body high it gives you. It can also help users dealing with mental ailments such as chronic stress.

The physical effects can quickly relieve pain and tension throughout your entire body. Users with conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, injuries, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis can benefit from the soothing body high. It can also help take away headaches, migraines, and other forms of pain or tension.

Purple Candy is also a great strain for users dealing with mental ailments. As well as soothing your body, it’s also exceptional at calming your mind. Users dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression will find it particularly relieving, and even if you’re just dealing with daily stress, it can be great for putting you in a better mood.

It’s also a useful strain for users dealing with sleep problems. The physically and mentally soothing effects help counteract insomnia and can give you a night of quality sleep. While it’s not the most powerful strain and users with severe symptoms of pain may need something stronger, it’s great for users looking for a strain that’s relieving without being overwhelming.

Purple Candy Smell and Taste

While it provides a soothing and enjoyable high, Purple Candy is also one of the best-tasting strains out there and it’s hard not to enjoy smoking it. Users who enjoy sweet, fruity strains will love the aroma and taste of Purple Candy.

The aroma carries hints of grapes, berries, honey, and even some floral tones. The taste is just as enjoyable, tasting fruity and candy-like. Purple Candy lives up to its name when it comes to taste- the smoke is super sweet and you might even want to vaporize it to bring out more flavor.

Where to Buy Purple Candy

You won’t find Purple Candy in stores as often as some strains, but it’s still easy to get your hands on it. If you live in Canada, you can easily buy Purple Candy buds online for convenient home delivery.

If you want to try it out, you can buy Purple Candy online right here at BudExpressNow. You can buy it in various quantities from 3.5 grams up to an entire ounce. While you might want to start with a small amount, buying more will give you better savings.

All orders are sent out with safety and privacy in mind. Your buds will be sent out in smell-proof, discreet packaging so no one knows what’s in your package. Your weed will make it to you nice and fresh and ready to use without any hassle.

Alternative Strains to Purple Candy

Alternative Strains to Purple Candy

Purple Candy is a strain well worth trying, but there are many other high-quality strains you can buy online right now. Whether you’re looking for something similar, stronger or something more sativa-oriented, here are some top alternative strains to Purple Candy.

Black Diamond – Black Diamond is a hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid. It’s ideal for users looking for something strong to relieve pain or users who just want to relax. It has a rich, earthy, wine-like taste with hints of berries.

Pink Lady – Pink Lady is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s perfect for users looking for balanced effects. It’ll boost your mood and increase your focus and creativity while also providing soothing relaxation throughout your body. This strain gives you smooth, satisfying smoke with hints of pine and grapefruits.

Cotton Candy Kush – Cotton Candy Kush is another sweet and fruity strain that gives you a sensational high. The relaxing effects will hit you swiftly and gradually grow throughout your body until you’re extremely calm and relaxed. It’s great for tackling pain and stress as well as being a top strain for general relaxation.


If you enjoy sweet-tasting strains and relaxing effects, then Purple Candy is one of the best strains out there for you. It can calm your body and your mind without being too overwhelming, and its candy-like taste makes it a pleasure to smoke. You can find Purple Candy along with many other top cannabis strains online at BudExpressNow.ca.


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