synthetic marijuana

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic cannabis is a man-made, mild-altering drug that totally sucks. The chemical is either sprayed on dried plant material to be smoked, or turned into a liquid for vapes and e-cigarettes. It is marketed as a safe and legal alternative to the natural herb itself.  New research shows that this “fake weed” is actually much more dangerous than the real stuff. Both overdose and death have been reported after using the synthetic drug.  John W. Huffman, the man who invented these chemicals said that “People who use it are idiots.” The drugs varies so much between batch and between brands. It’s almost impossible to know how you might react.

How do Synthetic Cannabinoids affect the brain?

They act on the same receptors in the brain that the THC in marijuana does. There is still very little research on the subject. However, the tests that have been done show that the synthetic weed produces much stronger effects. Altered perception, psychosis, paranoia, confusion and even episodes of hallucinations have all been reported as side effects. Unlike weed, this man-made drug is addictive. Withdrawal symptoms include headaches, depression, anxiety, and irritability.

How is it legal?

The drug exists in a legal grey area. It shields itself with a label that says “Not For Human Consumption” in order to pass FDA regulation. In parts of the States and around the world where weed is not legal, the fake stuff seems like a good alternative. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth since the drug is estimated to be 2,100 times stronger than natural bud. No one has ever reported death or overdose from marijuana. Over 100 people overdosed on the chemical within a three day span in Pennsylvania last summer. There is no shortage of stories like this around the world.

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